Steelhead, King Salmon, Pacific Salmon
Destination Type
Fishing Style
Jet Boat, Spey, Wading
June - September
Fishing Days
Why We Go
  • Fish one of the world's most exclusive and productive king salmon and steelhead rivers
  • Access the prime lower sections of the Sandy by jetboat in search of super-bright fish
  • Enjoy a personalized experience in a comfortable lodge catering to only six guests
  • Fish an easy-wading river suitable for all levels of Spey casters
  • Experience great scenery and wildlife in an exceedingly remote location

On the lower end of the Alaskan Peninsula's remote and prolific Sandy River there is a small operation catering to serious steelhead and king salmon anglers. This simple, cozy lodge hosts small groups of six anglers who access a fishery with some of the world's highest catch rates of king salmon and steelhead. Anglers fish two per jetboat and swing-fish the prolific, easy-wading runs of the incomparable Sandy River. In a dramatic and wild setting, Hoodoo Sandy River Lodge provides a unique opportunity for the hardcore angler. For those happy to trade in the white tablecloth for a chance at some of Alaska's brightest and most plentiful sea-run species, hard to beat views, and abundant wildlife, few places compare.

Fishing Program

Hoodoo Sandy River Lodge is located on the lower Sandy River, close to tidewater. Guests fish two anglers per guide, using custom-made jetboats to access the many easily-waded runs. With about eight miles of river available to the angler seeking king salmon in June or July and about 12 miles of river available to the angler seeking steelhead in the fall, there is no shortage of water to explore. Anglers meet the guides after breakfast on the riverbank and set out for a full day of fishing. A warm and hearty lunch will be served riverside by the guide. The river lends itself well to the swung fly and two-handed rods. While not overly large, it is easily waded and covered well with a decent Spey cast. Although the weather can be unpredictable, the fish tend to be eager, aggressive, and numerous.


Hoodoo's Sandy River Lodge is a simple, compact lodge that offers cozy, double-occupancy rooms on the second story of the lodge building. A separate bathroom and shower room are shared by guests. Rooms are serviced each day by the staff while guests are fishing. The lower level consists of a full kitchen and dining room, where the chef serves made-to-order breakfasts and dinners. Appetizers are out daily upon anglers' return and there is a small wet bar at guests' disposal. Full course dinners are hearty and thoughtfully-prepared with the main dish often featuring steak, pork, chicken, or fresh fish. Special dietary requests can be accommodated with advanced notice.


Day 1: Arrive Anchorage and overnight in elected accommodation (independently arranged, not included).

Day 2: Lodge coordinated flight to the Alaska Peninsula (included in the package). A lodge staff member will meet guests and transfer to the lodge via a wheel equipped aircraft. Guests will have a chance to get settled in and prepare their gear for the following days of fishing.

Day 3 - 8: Six full days of guided fishing

Day 9: Guests depart lodge in time to catch their charter flight (arranged by lodge, included in package) back to Anchorage. Upon arrival, they will transfer to the international airport for their flight home or overnight at elected accommodation (independently arranged, not included).

**Note: Please do not book a departing flight from Anchorage prior to 9

Rates & Details

2024 Rates: Per person based on double or triple occupancy

King Salmon Season:

7 night/6 day package:

  • $7,850 plus $2,200 round trip charter flight (2:1 client/guide ratio)
  • $7,250 plus $2,200 round trip charter flight (3:1 client/guide ratio)

Steelhead Season:

7 night/6 day package:

  • $8,850 plus $2,200 round trip charter flight (2:1 client/guide ratio)
  • $8,250 Plus $2,200 round trip charter flight (3:1 client/guide ratio)

Private room: $500 (limited availability, first come/first serve)

Included: Charter flights between Anchorage and the lodge, accommodations and meals at the lodge, guided fishing, boat transportation to/from fishing areas, limited alcoholic beverages

Not Included: Round trip airfare to Anchorage, gratuities, fishing license, liquor, personal gear, tackle and equipment

Species: King salmon and steelhead

Season: June - October

Capacity: 6

Location: Hoodoo's Sandy River Lodge is located on the Alaska Peninsula, about 45-miles southwest of Palmer, Alaska.

Fly Water Q&A

Who is best suited to this destination? Anglers with a reasonable understanding of swinging flies for anadromous species will appreciate this destination. Those with experience with two handed rods or with the ability to cast large flies some distance, at times in strong wind, will get the most out of this destination. With this said, anyone who appreciates a remote location and is interested in learning about both king salmon and steelhead angling will enjoy this lodge.

Where is the lodge? The lodge is located on the shores of the Sandy River about five miles upstream from the Bering Sea. It is about 100 miles east of Cold Bay on the Alaska Peninsula.

How do I get there? Guests fly to Anchorage and overnight. The following morning guests catch the lodge coordinated charter flight, fly to Nelson Lagoon, and then transfer to the lodge’s Beaver plane equipped with tundra tires for a short flight, landing directly in front of the lodge.

When should I go? The lodge operates for king salmon between the first week of June and the first week of July. The steelhead season begins in mid-September and continues through the third week of October. Any of these weeks offer great opportunities for fishing.

How will I fish? The lodge focuses on the down and across river (swung fly) presentations using mostly large profile flies. While two handed (Spey) rods are preferred by most, experienced single-hand casters can also have success. Most occasions, guest will fish two anglers per guide, although a group of three anglers may fish per one guide as well during king season. Each morning anglers leave the lodge via jetboat to reach their destination for a day of wade fishing.

Is there wade fishing? All fishing is done while wading.

Where will I fish? All fishing is done on the Sandy River which is roughly 20 miles in length. During king salmon season all fishing is done in the lowest portion, about 8 miles of river. Steelhead season offers a bit more water to fish and the lodge focuses on the lowest 12 miles or so.

How long does it take to reach the fishing grounds? The lodge is located on the river, so fishing can take place from right out the front door, to about a 20-minute jetboat ride up or downstream.

What type(s) of fish will I catch? King salmon and steelhead are the target species. Anglers may encounter some resident rainbow trout all year and silver salmon in the fall.

How many fish will I catch? This destination consistently ranks near the top in terms of catch rates for both king salmon and steelhead.

Will I see other anglers? During king season there will be less than 20 anglers in total on the entire river from week to week. During steelhead season there will be 12 anglers total on the river most weeks.

What are the guides like? The guides here are all experienced with swung fly techniques. They all are experienced two handed casters with a willingness to instruct. All are licensed through the Coast Guard, have good boating skills and first aid certified.

What are the physical demands? Guests will be getting in and out of boats often, wading in some moderate currents, will be exposed to wind, and in steelhead season, cold air temperatures.

Are there any special skills required? While special skills are not required, experienced distance and large-fly casters will get the most out of this destination.

Does the lodge provide equipment? The lodge can supplement some of the equipment, but it is best to arrive fully equipped with waders, rubber soled boots, rods, reels, lines, and terminal tackle (including flies).

What is your favorite setup for the trip? For king salmon, Fly Water Travel recommends an 8- to 9-weight Spey rod with Skagit style line and assorted “T” tips. For steelhead, a 6- to 7-weight Spey rod with Skagit style line and assorted “T” tips is best.

  • Sage 8130X, Rio Skagit Max 600 with MOW Heavy tips from 5ft x 5ft to full 12.5ft sinking.
  • Sage 7130X, Rio Skagit Max 525 with MOW Medium tips from 5ft x 5ft to 12.5ft sinking.

What are the top flies? Any large profile (intruder style) flies with a solid trailing hook will work well on the Sandy River. The fly colors should be a mix of dark and bright; flies that are purple, blue, and/or black for dark colored profiles and pink, chartreuse, and/or orange for bright colors are best. It is also good to have a mix of unweighted and weighted patterns to cover various depths and speed of current.

What are the options if water or weather conditions become challenging? The river can blow out on occasion and if the weather allows, guests can still fish but potential for success diminishes greatly. The weather, mostly strong winds, can make use of the jetboat unsafe and guests will need to remain at the lodge to wait it out.

What is a typical day like? Guests are treated to a hearty breakfast, then wader up and prepare for the day’s fishing which begins around 8:00AM. A short jetboat ride will have anglers in the first run of the day. The fishing days are spent traveling between prime locations, then fishing while wading. Lunch is packed by the guides and served riverside. Boats return to the lodge around 5:00PM. Guests can shower and relax with a cocktail and appetizers before dinner is served around 7:00PM.

What is the general vibe, atmosphere, and style of the lodge? The lodge is relaxed and comfortable.

Is there an on-site owner, manager, or other point-person at the lodge? Rod Schuh is the owner and guests can expect him to be in and out over the week. He spends most days flying to transport goods and other guests. The guide staff and chef are at the lodge every day and are happy to help in any way.

Where do we eat, and what are the meals like? All meals are served in the dining area and a mix of made-to-order and family style meals. The food is of high quality, is plentiful, and is prepared by a professional chef. Breakfast is a mix of the standards, with eggs made to order. Lunch is packed by the guides and is usually served hot. Soups, warm sandwiches along with chips, beverages and snacks are typical. Dinner will have a protein dish (steaks, local seafood, pork, or chicken) with several sides. Dessert is always a treat.

What is the alcohol policy? It is recommended that guests bring along their favorite spirits. While there are typically a mix of alcohol/mixers (leftovers) at the lodge, the offerings can be inconsistent.

Where do we stay, and what are the accommodations like? Guests stay in double occupancy rooms within the main lodge. They have been updated and expanded for 2020. The rooms are simple, cozy, and comfortable. The toilet and shower facilities are shared.

Is there internet and/or cell service? There is no cell service and there is limited satellite Wi-Fi, good for simple emails only. The bandwidth is very limited, so the lodge asks that guests be conservative with its use.

Are there other activities? There are no other activities available.

Are there any other expenses? Other than gratuities, once guests reach the charter flight in Anchorage there are no additional expenses until they land back in Anchorage.

Are there any health concerns, dangers, or annoyances? There are no health concerns, although the lodge water has a strong sulfur smell and taste. There are inherent dangers associated with flying, boating, and wading in rivers. This is a remote location where wildlife is abundant. Bears and moose are in the area and guests should always be aware of their surroundings. The guides are experienced in dealing with the local wildlife and can discuss this with guests as well. It is important not to take any unnecessary risks as medical services are not readily available and require a flight.

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