Trout, Rainbow Trout, King Salmon, Silver Salmon, Cutthroat Trout, Pacific Salmon, Chum Salmon, Halibut
Destination Type
Fishing Style
Bluewater, Wading
June - September
Fishing Days
4 - 10+
Why We Go
  • Enjoy a mix of angling options from open ocean, bay, river, even lake fishing while catering to both fly and conventional anglers.
  • Convenient travel makes a stay of any length possible
  • Enjoy many guided or DIY eco-touring options great for groups with mixed interests
  • Experience a spacious and comfortable lodge with amenities ranging from a waterfront game and leisure room to their on-site spa

The Lodge at Whale Pass is one of Alaska’s finest multi-sport lodges, located along the famed Inside Passage of Southeast Alaska in a quiet bay known as Whale Pass. It is the perfect lodge for friends, families, couples, corporate groups, and avid anglers. Each day is unique at the Lodge and their goal is to provide guests with a flexible program. There is no set itinerary, and each day, guests are free to do as they please, whether it’s fishing from dawn-to-dusk or sea-kayaking in the morning and hiking in the afternoon. Activities include whale watching, hiking, mountain biking, sea-kayaking, wildlife viewing, caving, fishing, and glacier-viewing, just to name a few!

Fishing Program

Halibut: (Mid-May to September) The giant Pacific halibut are truly monsters of the deep. The female halibut are in this region are known to grow to hundreds of pounds and produce thousands of eggs. The males will grow to around 80 pounds. It is fun to join the 100 Pound Club, however the best eating fish are the 30 to 50 pounders. By keeping the smaller fish you are also helping the population.

Rockfish: (Mid-May to September) This includes ling cod and a variety of sea basses that are great fun on medium to light tackle and can be taken on fly gear. Most are good eating, but because of their slow growth rates, we try to limit the pressure on these fish. In shallow water (under 50 feet) they can be successfully released. In greater depths they suffer a version of the bends and must be kept.

King Salmon: (Mid-May to early July) Fishing is an action packed, big game angling adventure. Kings average in the 18 to 22 pound range and can hit the 70 pound class with 30 pound and heavier catches common. The battle you are in for when you hook into a King is one of the classic angling wars to be experienced.

Chum Salmon: (July and August) Chum show up in schools during the early part of the season. They start as very aggressive dime bright fish ranging from six to fifteen pounds and change into an even more aggressive, tiger striped package of never-say-die fish. Pound for pound, Chum are the hardest fighting of the five species of Pacific salmon. Their aggressive nature makes them an excellent game fish for the expert as well as the novice angler.

Coho Salmon: (Mid-June to September) Silver Salmon show in mid to late June and run through September. They are 6 to 16 pound boxes of dynamite. Their savage takes, acrobatic air shows and long runs, combined with vast numbers make Silvers a favorite sport fish. Like the Kings, they attract anglers from around the world.

Sockeye Salmon: Sockeye enter the rivers in late June as six to ten pound, silver bullets. They are bank oriented fish that start up the rivers on their journey to lakes and their head waters. Nick-named "Reds" for their spawning coloration, these are some of the most sought after species of salmon because of the carotene rich meat and explosive fights. Sockeye are plankton eaters during their ocean life, so as you can imagine, matching the hatch would be difficult. They are very selective but can be coaxed to take a fly or lure.

Pink Salmon: (July and August) Pink salmon are nicknamed “Humpy’s” for the large hump that forms on their backs during the late spawning phase. They enter the rivers as three to ten pound balls of fire. Pinks are plentiful every year. They are very aggressive, making them an excellent confidence builder, a fun change of pace and lots of fun on light spin or fly gear.

Rainbow Trout, Cutthroat Trout, Dolly Varden and Steelhead: (Resident Species) Complimenting the halibut and prolific salmon runs, this area is host to a very unique resident game-fish population. Angling opportunities are present year round with ‘prime time’ being the spring through the fall. Committing a few days of your visit to pursue this bonus population is highly recommended. These are some of the most beautiful fish to be found anywhere and should not be missed.

Fish Processing: Processing of your catch is included in the trip packages. We will fillet, vacuum pack into custom portions, flash freeze and put into an airline approved wax fish-box for you.


The Lodge at Whale Pass is casual and spacious. All guest rooms radiate off of the lodge's great room, a quiet space designed for reading, conversing and enjoying the view and fireplace. A separate recreation room with a spacious bar, great views, ping pong table, pool table and movie viewing area is located in a separate building, all well out ear shot from the sleeping accommodations. Rooms are double occupancy and all have private baths. Single rooms can be accommodated by request on a first come, first served basis. In-room coffee delivery service is provided each morning (if desired) and maid service is performed daily.

Additional Experiences

Our guests can opt to enjoy hiking, kayaking, caving, glacier viewing, wildlife viewing (whales, sea otters, sea lions, black bears, eagles, etc), bear viewing, native cultural tours, and mountain biking.

LeConte Glacier Excursion: Far off the beaten track, and away from the cruise ships, lies LeConte Glacier, North America’s southernmost tidal glacier and one of its greatest natural wonders. The lodge’s aluminum hulled 29’ Almar cabin cruiser was specially designed to visit LeConte. From it you will explore the long, twisting, deep blue fjord leading up to the glacier all the while surrounded by steep spruce-covered mountains and 4,000-foot granite cliffs. In the fjord hundreds of seals calve their pups on the numerous icebergs that clog this amazing waterway. At the end of the fjord you will be able to witness the glacier calving into the ocean, all the while surrounded by unspeakable grandeur.

Bear Viewing: Observe large black bears in search of skunk cabbage, salmon and berries. Silver and pink salmon runs near the lodge provide a day long buffet for these marvelous mammals at two different creeks in our bay. You may also want to spend the day visiting areas known for bear activity, looking for a rare chance to see both brown and black bears and their cubs sharing the same creek as they feast on salmon. You may also charter a float plane tour for an additional cost to search for bears from the air.

Kayaking: Enjoy unlimited access to a fleet of top-end Necky sea kayaks, including single and double (tandem) boats. Loose yourself in a long paddle or let the lodge drop you and our boats at the premier destinations to enhance your visit. Experience shore-side encounters with bears, eagles and marine mammals, all of whom seem oblivious to the presence of kayakers whispering by.

Caving: Explore the local karst (limestone) topography with its myriad caves, sinkholes and underground streams. Learn about the extensive historical record discovered in just the last couple of decades in these caves. These caves are considered by advanced spelunkers as among the World’s most exciting for their complexity and early stage of exploration. Visit El Capitan Cave and learn about the underground world from an expert Forest Service guide or poke into Cavern Lake Cave and marvel at ten pound silver salmon disappearing into the dark only to emerge a quarter mile upstream at the spawning grounds. If you are feeling really adventurous you may want to bushwhack to Roaring Road Cave and tackle the challenging underwater river with one of our skilled on staff climbing guides.

Hiking: Enjoy the remote wilderness with a walk in the Tongass National Forest surrounding the lodge. Explore the local trails leading out from the lodge along the beach, through the old growth forest, or up to the deer meadow. Walk to serene lakes, fish choked creeks, awe inspiring mountain vistas and stunning waterfalls. You can choose from meandering gravel roads to wild trails with significant elevation changes.

Birding: Watch for the more than 200 species of birds indigenous to Alaska and contribute to the local record as an amateur bird watcher in a region where few people are documenting their finds.

Spa Treatments: Sign up for any of the lodges spa treatments that include Swedish, sports and Ashiatsu massage, hot stone treatments, aroma therapy, facials and body wraps or take a yoga class.

Cultural Tours: From the Lodge at Whale Pass, you can absorb the mystical history of the native cultures indigenous to Southeast Alaska that have carved out an existence in this lush environment for centuries. Ask on site about the long list of options available.

Flightseeing: Charter a float plane or helicopter and relish in a bird’s-eye-view of Southeast Alaska. (Please note that the price for flightseeing excursions beyond transportation between Ketchikan and Whale Pass are not included in most packages.)

A few popular flightseeing adventures are:

  • Buzz craggy peaks and expansive river deltas looking for goat, moose, and bear.
  • Take in the surreal beauty of the Stikine Ice Field, with its slowly flowing river of ice and hanging glaciers.
  • Skirt the rugged Pacific Coast of Prince of Wales Island admiring waterfalls and 4,000-foot cliff walls, landing for impromptu wildlife encounters.
  • Fly to remote fly fishing streams and lakes for unbelievable angling adventures.
  • Skip between native villages and sites for an interpretive visit of the history of Southeast Alaska
  • Charter a helicopter to the top of Patterson Glacier for an icy sunset stroll or launch an all-out assault by sea and sky on LeConte Glacier.
  • Book an all-day Southeast Alaska flightseeing extravaganza with dog sledding, gold rush history and the unforgettable scenery of the Wrangell St. Elias Coastal Mountains.
  • Head 400 miles up the Stikine River to Canada’s Little Grand Canyon for a jet boat ride through the raging ravine.
Rates & Details

2024 Rates: Per person based on double occupancy

  • 7 night/8 day package: $11,495 plus $595 round trip charter flight
  • 6 night/7 day package: $10,395 plus $595 round trip charter flight
  • 5 night/6 day package: $9,195 plus $595 round trip charter flight
  • 4 night/5 day package: $7,995 plus $595 round trip charter flight
  • 3 night/4 day package: $6,595 plus $595 round trip charter flight
  • 2 night/3 day package: $5,195 plus $595 round trip charter flight

Included: Round trip airfare between Ketchikan and the lodge, lodging, meals, daily guided adventures, tackle, skiffs, bikes, kayaks, float tubes, crab pots, fish processing (vacuum packed, frozen and packed in airline approved fish box)

Not Included: Round trip airfare to Ketchikan, licenses and king stamp, meals and accommodations in Ketchikan, optional fly outs, gratuities for staff and guides

Species: Five species of Pacific salmon, Dolly Vardon, cutthroat, halibut, bottomfish

Season: Mid-June to Mid-August

Capacity: 26 guests

Fly Water Q&A

Who is best suited to this destination? This is a great destination for all as anglers can focus on saltwater based conventional angling experience with some additional fly fishing while those wishing for other activities have many enjoyable options. It is a great option for families as the kid friendly atmosphere and multiple eco touring options offer something for any visitor interested in an Alaska experience. The is great for corporate groups up to 29 or extended family groups as large as 37. Exclusive use can be coordinated but dependent on availability. We have sent angling only groups to families with three generations interested in a mixed-use itinerary and the post trip reports always come back positive.

Where is the lodge? The lodge is located on the northeast side of Prince of Wales Island tucked into a protected bay off the famed inside passage. It is about 80 miles northwest of Ketchikan.

How do I get there? Guests will fly to Ketchikan and connect to the lodge coordinated charted float plane for about an hour flight directly to the lodge. For western state travelers you should be able to get all the way to the lodge without the need to overnight. If traveling from the east coast you can either overnight in Ketchikan or the more budget friendly option is Seattle, then fly to Ketchikan and onto the lodge.

When should I go? The lodge operates between mid-June and mid-August. Early in the season is the best for those interested in ocean king salmon angling. Conventional bottom fishing is good throughout the season for great take home species like halibut and rockfish. For fly anglers July and August offer great silver salmon options in the bay out front while resident river species like rainbow trout, cutthroat trout and Dolly Vardon can be had throughout the season.

How will I fish? The options can be diverse here, everything from deep water conventional bottom fishing for halibut, trolling for ocean salmon, to fly casting in the bay for silver salmon to chugging waking flies in the rivers for cutthroat and Dolly Vardon.

Is there wade fishing? There are limited options for river wade fishing and most fishing will be from boats.

Where will I fish? The open ocean, the bay out front and several rivers and lakes around the island.

How long does it take to reach the fishing grounds? From right out front to an hour boat ride to some open ocean.

What type(s) of fish will I catch? Fly anglers can target the silver salmon with great success along with resident species like cutthroat and Dolly Vardon. There are some resident rainbow trout as well. Conventional anglers will have ample species to catch highlighted by troll caught salmon and bottom fishing for halibut and rockfish that are great for taking home.

How many fish will I catch? Most days will offer success as there are a great number of species to target throughout the year. The lodge will adhere to all harvest limits, but happy to filet, box and freeze those fish you choose to keep and take back home. Silver Salmon fishing in the bay can be great at times with dozens of takes and some visual action from large schools moving around the bay.

Will I see other anglers? Yes, there are a mix of local and other lodge anglers that fish this area.

What are the guides like? Captains are experienced and maintain a tight ship while most deckhands will be hard working and eager to please.

What are the physical demands? There are no challenging physical demands.

Are there any special skills required? No.

Does the lodge provide equipment? Yes, the lodge can provide all that guests need for success in their fisheries.

What is your favorite setup for the trip? For fly anglers the highlight is casting to silver salmon. For this a high quality 9-foot 8-weight combined with a shooting style head is best.

What are the top flies? For silvers in the bay Clouser minnows (size 2) in colors of white/chartreuse, white/blue, white/pink. Add a few pink surface poppers just for fun. The lodge is happy to provide successful patterns as well.

What are the options if water and weather conditions become challenging? There are always options to fish, whether it is just out front in the protected bay or one of the local rivers that you can drive to.

What is a typical day like? The lodge is happy to create an itinerary based on your group’s preferences. That may entail a stay back at the lodge for a spa treatment and relaxation or departing in the AM for a day of ocean fishing. Meal hours are merely suggested, and guests are free to go at their own pace and communicate with their guide each day about their preferred starting time. Coffee will be ready at 5:30AM and breakfast starts at 6:30AM.

What is the general vibe, atmosphere, and style of the lodge? The lodge is friendly, relaxed and overall a very comfortable atmosphere.

Is there an on-site owner, manager, or other point-person at the lodge? Owners, Kevin and Lyn Ryter are on site and there to help make a stay with them a wonderful experience.

Where do we eat, and what are the meals like? Meals at the lodge are served in the great room, but guests are free to eat on the deck or even on the docks. The meals are very high quality. The lodge prides itself on having high quality meats, fresh seafood, bread made daily along with fresh produce. Dining times at the lodge are merely suggested and meals are made to order from their menu. In general breakfast will begin at 5:30AM and end at 9AM. Lunch can either be served at the lodge if close by or if adventuring away, lunch is chosen off the menu and made for you to take. Appetizers and beverage service will start between 5 and 6PM followed by dinner seating on demand. The service is private tables with plated meals. Each evening there will be a soup of the day, two to three entrees featuring local ingredients and Alaskan specialties and salad. For a more kid friendly dining experience there are other options always available like burgers or fish and chips. Dessert is created by the chef each day and will top off the service for the evening.

What is the alcohol policy? The lodge has a full bar with all you need and included in the rate.

Where do we stay, and what are the accommodations like? The lodge has a variety of room configurations accommodating families or even a single angler. All rooms have private baths, individual thermostat and suites even have private seating area. Beds are a mix of twin to king with comfortable mattresses and high-quality linens and comforters. Each room is serviced each day.

Are single accommodations available?  If so, is there an up-charge? Yes, but dependent on availability at the time of booking. The single supplement cost is 50% of the regular double occupancy rate.

Is there internet and/or cell service? There is internet, but fairly limited in its bandwidth like most of Alaska. Cell service can vary depending on your provider. Best to be prepared for your cell phone not to work and rely on the lodge phone with a calling card.

Are there other activities? Yes, there are several activities to choose from. Kayaking, hiking, biking, caving, birding, cultural tours, spa treatments and glacier tours can all be done here. For an additional cost you can add flight seeing or fly out activities.

Are there any other expenses? Spa treatments are paid for on site. If guests want to add fly out days or other chartered services, the lodge is happy to coordinate for an additional cost. Anglers will need to purchase their own fishing licenses and there is a gift shop if interested in some souvenirs.

Are there any health concerns, dangers, or annoyances? There are inherent risks with flying and boats. There are bears and wildlife to be aware of. Inland, biting bugs can be annoying.

Tell us about yourself and we'll reach out to plan the details of your trip