Trout, Brown Trout, Rainbow Trout, Brook Trout
Destination Type
Fishing Style
Drift Boat, Dry Fly, Sightfishing, Wading
November - May
Fishing Days
Why We Go
  • Enjoy a diversity of fishing opportunities based out of the heart of Patagonia's original trout fishing hub.
  • Experience an overnight camp-float trip that maximizes river time while sleeping comfortably under the stars included in the fishing package.
  • Lodging includes private double occupancy cabins with single occupancy rooms at no extra charge.
  • Fresh meals prepared on site by professional chef and pâtissier, with delicious homemade pastries sent out on the boats each day.
  • Experience an array of adventure and partner activities, with tailor made itineraries to match the guests' interests.

Located on the banks of Argentina’s renowned Chimehuin River near the alpine village of San Martin, Spring Creek Lodge boasts a combination of world-class fly fishing with comfortable accommodations. Centrally located within the heart of Patagonia’s most diverse and productive trout waters, Spring Creek Lodge offers anglers the ability to float or wade-fish a variety of pristine waters including the Chimehuin, Malleo, Alumine and Collon Cura rivers.

From their two-bedroom bungalows, guests at Spring Creek Lodge will enjoy the lovely pond, private spring creek, and backdrop of nearby Lanin Volcano. Meals in the main Spring Creek Lodge feature some of the world’s most delicious beef accompanied by fine Argentine wines. For a wonderful Argentine trout fly fishing experience with exceptional variety and quality water right at your doorstep, Spring Creek Lodge represents a value and overall Patagonia fly fishing experience that we highly recommend.

Fishing Program

Anglers have the opportunity to fly fish in new, productive trout waters each day. Techniques include casting dries and streamers in a classic western fashion for hefty rainbow trout, brown trout and brook trout. While many of these Patagonia fish run from 14 to 20 inches, true trophy trout in excess of eight pounds abound.

The Argentine guides are professional fly anglers with strong instructional and English speaking skills. They have a passion for fly fishing and share their knowledge in a warm and patient manner. We consider these guides to be among the best in the Patagonia region.

Your guide will meet you each morning after breakfast for your day of fishing. Spring Creek Lodge offers fishing locations that are ten minutes to an hour’s drive from the lodge. The chosen fishery will determine the boat used for the day’s fishing.

The Spring Creek Lodge fishing program primarily offers float trips on the following rivers, with some opportunities for walk and wade:

Chimehuin River - The "Chime" is a freestone river, with classic pools and runs. Home to many of the big brown trout, tightly lined willow banks make the river feel smaller than its true size. The river is rich with great hatches of caddis, PMDs, large mayflies, and plenty of hoppers throughout the season.

Alumine River - The Alumine flows out of the Alumine Lake for 100 miles until it joins with the Chimehuin River. Together these two rivers form the famous Collon Cura River. Both rainbow and brown trout are found with averages about 16 inches. The river cuts through the dry Patagonia steppe with rocky and willow lined shores.

Malleo River - The Malleo is an easily wadable river boasting some of the most frequent hatches in Patagonia. This mid-size, freestone river ranges from quick-moving to tranquil and is fairly easy to wade. Anglers have sight fishing opportunities for both rainbow trout and brown trout mostly in the 14-to-20-inch range, with occasional browns reaching 24 inches.

Collon Cura River - The Collon Cura River is formed by the Malleo, Alumine, and Chimehuin Rivers. As a freestone river, the Collon Cura is probably one of the most prolific fisheries in the Patagonia region. Running through a high desert valley, at a mild gradient, anglers fish endless broad riffles, and have great float fishing opportunities every inch of the way. Just about every fly fishing technique can be effective on the Collon Cura. From big foam hoppers with droppers in the riffles and banks, mayfly hatches in riffles and flats, to caddis, mayflies, streamer fishing. Most of the fish are rainbow trout; however, there have been large resident brown trout released as big as 15-pounds.


Spring Creek Lodge is nestled on the banks of the Chimehuin River with impressive views of Lanin Volcano. The main lodge has a commanding view of the area and a porch overlooking the pond and stream on the ranch. The main lodge is comfortable and has a dining area and a lounge area for cocktails. There are six spacious two-bedroom cabins that are private occupancy and include an inviting deck that wraps around each cabin to enjoy the views. Each private cabin has two separate rooms with a queen bed in each room to accommodate every angler with a single room, shared bathroom, and den with over 900 square feet that also includes a dining/breakfast area in case any guests would like to enjoy their meal in private.

Hearty breakfast and dinners are taken in the main lodge and feature some of the world’s most delicious beef accompanied by fine Argentine wines. Fresh breads and sweet desserts are local specialties. Each cabin also has a dining/breakfast area for any guests that would like to enjoy their meal in privacy if desired.  The lodge’s bar offers a modest selection of liquors and beer and wine are plentiful.

Additional Experiences

The area around Spring Creek Lodge offers a rich diversity of adventure, cultural and lifestyle excursions in the heart of norther Patagonia's Lake District and the Lanin National Park.

Click here to see a sample itinerary and full list of additional experiences offered at Spring Creek Lodge.


Day 1: Depart home.

Day 2: Overnight in Buenos Aires.

Day 3: Arrive San Martin de los Andes airport and transfer to the lodge.

Day 4-9: Six full days guided fishing.

Day 10: Depart from the San Martin de los Andes airport for Buenos Aires.

Rates & Details

2024-25 Rate: Per person based on double occupancy

  • 7 night/6 day package: $6,400 

Included: Meals and accommodations at the lodge, transfers to/from lodge and San Martin airport, all flies and needed fishing equipment (rods, reels, waders, boots), wine and beer, and guided fishing.

Not Included:  International and domestic airfare and gratuities.

Species: Brown trout, rainbow trout, brook trout

Season: November - May

Capacity: 12 Anglers

Fly Water Q&A

Who is best suited to this destination? Like all of Patagonia, this destination requires some extended travel and is best suited for guests who can comfortably travel for a day and a half on both sides of the trip to reach the lodge.  The lodge is nicely appointed, casual, and very well suited for private parties or small groups.

Where is the lodge? Spring Creek Lodge is located 20 minutes from the Chapelco Airport (CPC), just outside of the city San Martin de los Andes in the province of Neuquén, Argentina.

How do I get there? To reach Spring Creek Lodge, you will need to fly to Buenos Aires, Argentina and then take a domestic flight south to a regional airport. The preferred route is to fly from Buenos Aires into the Chapelco Airport (CPC) outside of the city of San Martin and take a short drive to the lodge.  Guests can also take a flight from Buenos Aires to Bariloche and take a 3 hour private ground transfer to Spring Creek Lodge at no extra charge. 

Most international flights to Buenos Aires International Airport (EZE) arrive early in the morning.  To get to the regional airport hub some flights will require a relatively straightforward ground transfer in Buenos Aires to the Domestic Airport (AEP), guests should expect 4 hours for this transfer.  

When should I go? Trout season in Patagonia runs from November to May.  Fishing is good throughout the season, although we would recommend visiting Spring Creek Lodge anytime in that window except February as the flows tend to be lower and the weather warmer.  Fishing later in the season can become more technical, although there are increased opportunities for trophy brown trout.

How will I fish? The exclusive outfitter of Spring Creek Lodge is SET Fly Fishing, a team of passionate service-oriented guides.  During your stay at Spring Creek Lodge, the guides of SET Fly Fishing will take you on a variety of different waters where you will target rainbow, brown, and brook trout by boat or walk in wade in nearby rivers and lakes.  Most fishing is done with a floating line, although the techniques will really depend on the particular river, stretch, and conditions of the day – with opportunities to fish dry flies, streamers or nymphs depending on the day.

Aside from the typical caddis and mayfly hatches, there are two specialty hatches that anglers target at different times of the season, including green worms that fall off the overhanging branches early in the season, and a minnow hatch in February through March on certain area rivers, which can result in explosive takes.

Is there wade fishing? Almost all fishing is done from a boat. The Malleo River is a wade fishery, although all other fishing opportunities will be from a boat.  For serious walk and wade anglers, SET Fly Fishing also offers Casa de Campo, another lodge north of San Martin de los Andes, and Chochoy Mallin, a heli-fishing program farther north that is exclusively walk and wade.

Where will I fish? The fishing programs can vary depending on guests interests, but are all focused on the classic trout rivers of the San Martin/Junin de los Andes area in Argentina, including the Chimehuin, Alumine, Collun Cura and Malleo rivers, as well as numerous lakes within a short distance of the lodge.

How long does it take to reach the fishing grounds? Spring Creek Lodge is a hub to access great fishing within 20 minutes to an hour and a half on all the classic rivers and lakes in the San Martin area.

What type(s) of fish will I catch? Target species include rainbow, brown, and brook trout from 14 – 20+ inches.  By-catch includes the native Perca, a perch/small mouth bass-like species.

How many fish will I catch? Fishing days can be directed into quantity, size, or quality of the catch.  It depends on the fishing program of the day, but anglers can expect to catch fish in the 16-18” range, with opportunities for fish over 20” and the ability to target trophy fish throughout the stay.

Will I see other anglers? The lodge is centrally located in ground zero for Patagonia fly fishing, as such you will likely see other anglers in most rivers, but typically not more than a handful on even the most popular rivers.  Some of the nearby lakes it is unlikely that you will see another angler, although there is plenty of water for spreading out and finding space.

What are the guides like? The guide service is provided by SET Fly Fishing, the exclusive operating outfitter of Spring Creek Lodge. SET Fly Fishing’s guides are all Argentina locals, speak very good fishing and conversational English, and many have been with SET Fly Fishing for more than 10 years.  They are all very knowledgeable of the area – in order to fish the National Parks, guides must pass exams in a variety of skill sets covering whitewater rowing, entomology, geology, and park history to be certified to guide those waters.

What are the physical demands? None outside of the normal fishing demands.

Are there any special skills required? Experience casting into the wind can be beneficial to increase opportunities.

Does the lodge provide equipment? Rods, reels, waders, boots, flies, tippet and camp equipment is all included in the package rate.  Andes Drifters is equipped for guests to arrive with just their clothes in carryon luggage if desired.

What is your favorite setup for the trip? Most guests elect to fish dry flies so a fast action 9’0” 6-weight rod with a floating line and a reel with a quality drag will be the workhorse of the trip, but anglers can also fish a 6-weight for streamers or bigger dry flies if desired.  Ideally, anglers will be prepared with two set ups: one rod with a floating line and a second rod with a full sinking line for fishing the lakes.

Sage Perfect Set Up:

  • 9’0” 6-weight SAGE R8 Core
  • Rio Grand 6-weight line
  • SAGE Spectrum LT 5-6 reel

What are the top flies? Anglers with experience using flies from Western trout rivers will familiar to the fly selection for fishing in Northern Patagonia.  When fish become finicky, small dries like Parachute Adams and Elk Hair Caddis can produce, and sometimes adding a small dropper can be the ticket.  Other times, larger beetle patterns or attractors such as Madam X can produce results.

What are the options if water conditions become challenging? Guides can select from numerous fishing opportunities to choose from if water conditions are challenging and will tailor your day based on the most productive stretches.   Sometimes the wind will make it very difficult to fish certain rivers and they will try to select options that allow for you to change plans as necessary.  Alternatively, there are many other adventure activities available if guests choose to forgo fishing for the day due to conditions.

What is a typical day like? Each morning you will have a carafe of hot coffee sent to your cabin as you prepare for the day’s activities.  For breakfast around 8 AM, you walk over to the main cabin less than 50 yards and can choose how you would like your eggs and sides prepared and select from an array of other breakfasts dishes including fresh fruit, yogurt and pastries.  At 8:30 AM you will meet your guide in the parking lot and depart for the day’s fishing.  A streamside lunch will be prepared consisting of grilled meats or sandwiches, side salads and a freshly made desert from the pâtissier at the lodge.  You can elect to take an afternoon siesta or get back on the water to fish the remainder of the afternoon into the early evening.  Between 6 – 7PM you will head back to the lodge for a shower, rest, or drinks and appetizers before dinner in the main lodge around 8:30 PM. 

What is the general vibe, atmosphere and style of the lodge? Spring Creek Lodge is located on a private road, with great views of the Lanin Volcano and Andes Mountains.  The atmosphere is relaxed with a focus on fine dining, and the goal is for guests to feel comfortable during their stay with a priority on quality service, food, and drinks. 

If desired, guests have the option to remain independent, or to socialize with other guests and share the day’s fishing stories around the bar during happy hour or dinner.

Is there an on-site owner, manager or other point-person at the lodge? There is a manager available 24/7 by phone and for emergencies, and each night and morning there is a host on site to review the day and evening activities.

Where do we eat, and what are the meals like? In the main lodge, there is a common lounge area and bar where meals are served morning and evening.  Breakfasts and dinners are freshly prepared by a professionally trained chef on-site, and a pâtissier makes delicious desserts and pastries for each day’s outing. 

What is the alcohol policy? All beer, wine, and alcohol is included.  The lodge serves a nice variety of both red and white wines.  They will have a very good spirit selection at the bar, although guests are welcome to bring a particular spirit if they have a favorite.

Where do we stay, and what are the accommodations like? Spring Creek Lodge offers guests a quality Patagonia experience with single occupancy rooms in double occupancy cabins with a shared bathroom at no additional charge.  90% of the property is powered by solar, and they have newly renovated bathrooms in each cabin with upgraded pressure systems to accommodate hot showers for each guest. The private cabins are located less than 50 yards from a main lodge where meals are served morning and evening in a common area.

SET Fly Fishing can also provide an overnight, multi-day float trip with a rustic, casual stay at riverside camp for no additional charge.  While guests are fishing their way downriver on the float trips, a cargo boat is sent ahead to prepare the riverside camp, with all accommodations, a dry bar, and fire ready when guests arrive.

Is there internet and/or cell service? WiFi is available in each cabin, although there is no cell service.

Are there other activities? Yes, there are a variety of other activities that can be blended with the fishing program or separate for partners and families.  These include cooking, photography lessons, horseback riding, rafting, or zip lining -- there is a growing list of possibilities that they have invested serious time and knowledge in.

Are there any other expenses? No.

Do I need a visa? No, Argentina no longer requires a reciprocity fee (visa) for United States citizens.

Are there any health concerns, dangers or annoyances? Horse flies can be a problem early in the season on windless days.  Argentine Patagonia is a relatively easy and safe place to travel.  However, one thing to point out is the remoteness and distance of the lodge to the nearest hospital. If something were to go wrong, it’s a long way from trained medical help and therefore we recommend a Global Rescue plan for this destination.

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