Designed for slower action rods - especially bamboo, glass and classic action graphite rods, with ultra-slick performance

RIO's LightLine has been designed to load slower, more traditional action fly rods such as bamboo, glass and the more "Classic" flexing graphite rods. Built to precisely match the industry line standards, this line will not overload such rods — even at longer range. The weight distribution and short front taper ensures the line loads at close range, making it ideal for fishing on smaller creeks and streams, while the softer, supple coating ensures the line remains relaxed and easy to handle in the majority of conditions. In addition the line is built with SlickCast—the slickest, most durable coating on the market.

LightLine - All Models

Line SizeDensityLine ColorSink Rate30ft Head WeightTotal Head WeightHead LengthTotal LengthSKU
2wtFloatMoss/IvoryFloat80gr (5.2gm)125gr (8.1gm)40ft (12.2m)70ft (21.3m)6-19523
3wtFloatMoss/IvoryFloat100gr (6.5gm)145gr (9.4gm)41ft (12.5m)70ft (21.3m)6-19524
4wtFloatMoss/IvoryFloat120gr (7.8gm)175gr (11.3gm)41ft (12.5m)80ft (24.4m)6-19525
5wtFloatMoss/IvoryFloat140gr (9.1gm)205gr (13.3gm)42ft (12.8m)80ft (24.4m)6-19526
4 models available