6 Pack
RIO's Dick's Lysergic Perch

"It was probably three or four years ago that I noticed a dead perch floating belly up at the dam. Probably spilled over the top. After that day I started asking around. Asking if anyone ever caught perch out of the upper Missouri. The short answer was yes. On certain years. I believe they spill over the dam during the high water and enough have held on to create a breeding population. This is great news for large fish and anglers alike as perch are basically scaly little Milky Ways for predatory fish. The only problem was a lack of realistic perch colored steamers. After a little brainstorming, I settled on the most productive perch streamer I had come up with. The Lysergic Perch. This perch pattern is responsible for more of my large brown trout than all other streamers combined. It’s an absolute killer. Designed, tested, and proven on the Missouri River between Holter Dam and Cascade MT."