RIO's striped bass leaders are made of a medium-stiff nylon and have a powerful butt and taper design that easily turns over large striper patterns and copes with tough winds. Each leader is 7ft long and available from 10lb (0.012") to 30lb (0.022").Short, medium-stiff, nylon tapered leaders with a heavy butt to turn over large and heavy flies with ease

Striped Bass Leader - All Models

Line SizeLengthPack SizeDiameterTestSKU
7ft/10lb9ft (2.7m)Single.012in (.305mm)10lb (5kg)6-24322
7ft/12lb9ft (2.7m)Single.014in (.356mm)12lb (6kg)6-24323
7ft/16lb9ft (2.7m)Single.015in (.381mm)16lb (8kg)6-24324
7ft/20lb9ft (2.7m)Single.017in (.432mm)20lb (10kg)6-24325
7ft/25lb9ft (2.7m)Single.020in (.508mm)25lb (11.3kg)6-24068
7ft/30lb9ft (2.7m)Single.022in (.559mm)30lb (13.6kg)6-24069