Christmas Island Opening

Anil Srivastava April 18, 2023

Christmas Island Update 4/18/2023

Fiji Airways has confirmed flights as of this date, for May 2, 2023. Flights for May and the remainder of 2023 have not been cancelled as of now and we are hopeful that it will stay that way. Our sincere apologies to the anglers that were scheduled in recent months, as we know how excited everyone was to get to the island. We will continue to do our best to update all anglers with changes that take place.

If you are interested in securing a future reservation with Christmas Island Outfitters, we will continue to take reservations starting mid-May and beyond.

Please reach out if you have any questions.

Christmas Island Outfitters

Experience some of the world's best saltwater wade fishing at an operation that is relatively affordable and easy to reach.

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