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Deschutes River Salmon Fly Forecast

Max Salzburg May 23, 2023

Our friend David Renton of Renton's River Adventures checked in from the Warm Springs Boat Ramp between trips to give us an early season fishing report.

Oregon's most famous trout river is the Deschutes, and the Deschutes' most famous hatch is without question the salmon fly hatch. Each year its timing can vary depending on a number of factors including water temperature, water level, and broader seasonal weather patterns. To see what was in store for the coming season on this beautiful river, we checked in with David Renton, a more than 30-year Deschutes guiding veteran and a true authority on its resident resides. In short, he says the river is a bit high but dropping, and the hatch is a bit late in getting into full swing. The big bugs are present, but their numbers will be increasing over the coming days, and the best of the fishing is yet to come. If you are interested in fishing with David and experiencing one of the best multi-day float trips in the West, he has prime salmon fly dates available.

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