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Max Salzburg December 04, 2023

As Americans, it is often hard to appreciate the skills and immense contributions made by our European and Scandinavian fly fishing counterparts, let alone the stunning quality of some of their fisheries.

Who would know that Spain has strict wild-trout management mandates and specimens that rival Patagonia's finest? Or that Slovenia is considered the New Zealand of Europe? Who would have guessed that in addition to fishing the fabled waters of the Spey with a ghillie in Scotland you could also fly fish for trout, pike, and saltwater pollack? And who might have known that Greenland and Iceland are home to some of the healthiest returns of Atlantic salmon and sea-run Arctic char in the world today? Well, Fly Water Travel does, and we are excited to share that information with you.

Nordura, Iceland Prime Dates

Due to former guests declining their right-of-first-refusal, prime dates have become available at one of the finest single-hand Atlantic salmon destinations in Iceland.

Available Dates:

  • July 12 15: 1 spot
  • July 15 - 21: 6 spots
  • July 18 - 21: 4 spots

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