Experience Giant Trevally

Dylan Rose November 11, 2022

Call them what you will. We have heard them affectionately referred to as thugs, marauders, maulers, brutes, beasts, bullies and worse. Irrespective of what you call them, hooking and landing a giant trevally is among the greatest accomplishments a saltwater fly angler can hope for. Furthermore, the places where one can hope to tangle with one of these incredible animals happen to be some of the most pristine, remote, and adventure-laden destinations on Earth. 

Few things will prepare you for the sight of a 60-pound giant trevally smashing mullet on a shallow flat with a full 12 inches of its back protruding from the water. Seeing them on the hunt is a sight that will forever linger in your fishing consciousness. It seems impossible that a fish so large can turn on a dime to chase down an unsuspecting baitfish, swipe it to death with razor sharp tail flukes, inhale the decimated animal and then blaze across the flat at hypersonic speed before you can blink an eye (or make a cast for that matter).  

For those anglers that manage to land one of these incredible fish, the accomplishment of reaching saltwater’s pinnacle experience will leave an indelible image on their angling soul that will forever burn brightly and only leave them wanting for more.  

The Seychelles

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