Experience Silver Salmon

David Kalinowski March 06, 2024

Silver salmon have often been described as the best of all the Pacific salmon to pursue with a fly. Why? Well they are aggressive towards flies, they can be caught on floating lines and topwater flies, they are strong, aerial, and in many circumstances numerous. What is not to like about that?

Silver salmon, commonly called coho salmon, have a vast northern Pacific range stretching from Hokkaido, Japan, through eastern Russia and Kamchatka, then spanning through the Bering Sea, southeastern Alaska, down the entire BC coast, and all the way south to Monterey Bay, California. Most coho are in the 7-15 pound range, but specimens over 25 pounds have been caught. While they are a favorite for freshwater fly anglers, they are also a popular species to pursue in the salt both with flies and conventional tackle, making them a great target species for anglers of all skill levels irrespective of tackle preferences.

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Our Alaska Destination Manager is David Kalinowski