Steelhead, King Salmon, Silver Salmon, Pacific Salmon, Chum Salmon, Sockeye Salmon
Destination Type
Safari / Tent Camp
Fishing Style
Jet Boat, Spey, Wading
June - September
Fishing Days
Why We Go
  • Swing-fish a remote and wild region of Alaska for king and silver salmon
  • Access prime runs and pools on the intimate Sapsuk River
  • Maximize fishing time with short runs to fishing spots
  • Enjoy a simple Weatherport tent camp catering to six guests
  • Experience easy wading and high catch rates for fresh Pacific salmon

Many anadromous anglers dream of fishing a small, intimate river, full of ocean-bright fish in a truly remote setting. The Sapsuk River (also known as the Hoodoo or Nelson River), located on the Alaska Peninsula near Nelson Lagoon is such a place. The utterly remote Sapsuk is blessed with fantastic runs of king and silver salmon that are fresh from the salt, packed with strength, and take flies aggressively. The river is relatively small and a good cast with a two-handed rod will likely reach the far bank. Hosting only six guests a week, this is a proven location with limited availability. Add to this an opportunity to tangle with some steelhead late in the season, and it becomes easy to understand why this far off place is high on the list for any angler in search of Alaska’s freshest anadromous fish.

Fishing Program

Anglers fish three per guide and discuss their goals and available options with the guides each evening to develop a plan for the next day. The morning meal is served around 7:30 AM and guests will depart for the day’s fishing soon after. The lodge will accommodate later starts if guests prefer, as some of the best runs are right outside the front door. The relatively small river lends itself to Spey anglers and single-hand anglers alike. The king salmon run starts in June and runs through July, silver salmon begin pouring into the system in August and last through September, and steelhead fishing begins in late-September and runs through mid-October.

Jetboats are used to access the river and anglers will get out to swing flies through prime runs. This camp offers very quick access to some of the most productive pools on the river, including the Weir Pool, where guests will spend a great deal of time.


Guests at Aleutian Rivers Angling will sleep in insulated, heated riverside Weatherport tents on platforms. Guest tents are designed for double occupancy and are set up with two twin beds with pillows, linens, and down comforters. There is a separate tent for drying waders as well as storage of other gear. The camp has a shower facility with hot and cold running water as well as clean, shared outhouses. The camp is organized, comfortable, well-maintained, warm, dry and clean. Freshly prepared appetizers and beverages of choice will be waiting upon guests’ return each evening before the evening meal is served. Guests may also spend time by the outdoor fire pit that looks westward across the Aleutian basin.

Breakfasts are served hot and are classic American fare. Dinners are hearty and feature fish, chicken, beef and pork paired with salads and pastas. Lunches will consist of freshly made sandwiches, chips, snacks and beverages.


Day 1: Guests will arrive in Anchorage and overnight at their elected accommodations (independently arranged, not included)

Day 2: In the morning, guests will take their charter flight (not included in package) to Nelson lagoon. Transfer via boat to camp and get settled.

Days 3 - 8: Six full days of guided fishing.

Day 9: Guests will depart camp for Anchorage where they will overnight (independently arranged, not included) or continue home.

Rates & Details

2024 Rates: Per person based on double occupancy and three-to-one guide ratio

  • King Salmon and Silver Salmon Seasons: 7 night/6 day package: $5,625 plus $2,150 round trip charter flight
  • Steelhead Season:7 night/6 day package: $5,875 plus $2,150 round trip charter flight

Included: Accommodations, meals, guided fishing, boat transportation to/from fishing areas, limited wine with dinner

Not Included: Airfare, charter flight between Anchorage and the Nelson Lagoon, gratuities, fishing license, liquor, personal gear, tackle and equipment

Species: King salmon, silver almon, steelhead

Season: June - October

Fly Water Q&A

Who is best suited to this destination? This is a destination best suited for guests who appreciate productive salmon fishing, simple accommodations, and food. Those who are comfortable in remote environments and are not in need of much service or amenities will get the most out of this operation.

Where is the lodge? The tent camp sits overlooking a great home pool on the Sapsuk River which is located on the remote Alaska Peninsula. The river is about 80 miles east of Cold Bay, AK.

How do I get there? Guests fly into Anchorage and overnight. The lodge-coordinated charter flight will depart Anchorage and arrive in Nelson Lagoon. From there guests will be boated across the bay and upriver to camp. The boat ride takes some time and be prepared with the correct clothing.

When should I go? Mid-June to mid-July for king salmon, August to mid-September for silver salmon and mid-September through October for steelhead.

How will I fish? During king season expect to swing large flies with single hand or Spey rods with sink tip lines. For silver salmon casting and stripping streamers with single hand rods is the best tactic. For steelhead guests can once again use light Spey rods or single hand rods with sink tip lines while swinging flies.

Is there wade fishing? Yes, nearly all fishing can and will be done while wading.

Where will I fish? Guests will use jetboats to travel the Sapsuk River to productive water.

How long does it take to reach the fishing grounds? A short walk gets to the river and once in the boats, expect to travel only a few miles for king salmon. During silver and steelhead season, expect to travel a few more miles of river to reach the productive runs.

What type(s) of fish will I catch? Depending on the time of your trip, all five species of Pacific salmon, Dolly Varden and rainbow trout.

How many fish will I catch? King season should have guest having a handful of interactions each day. Silver season can have incredible numbers of fish hooked. During steelhead time, a couple of interactions each day would be considered good.

Will I see other anglers? Yes, expect to see a few other anglers during the salmon season. During steelhead season seeing others is very uncommon.

What are the guides like? The guides here are experienced outdoors people and accustomed to operating in remote environments. 

What are the physical demands? The physical demands are negligible, but guests need to get in and out of boats and wade. The wading is not challenging. This is a remote environment, so best not to take any unnecessary risks.

Are there any special skills required? No

Does the lodge provide equipment? No, this is a trip where guests will need to provide all of their own equipment.

What is your favorite setup for the trip? For king salmon a 12- to 13-foot 9-weight Spey rod. For silver salmon an 8-weight single hand rod in the 9- to 10-foot length is best. There are some trout and Dolly Varden, so if you want to target them throw in a 9-foot 5- to 6-weight rod.

What are the top flies? King salmon require large profile intruder style flies with size 1 or 1/0 trailing hooks. These should be chartreuse/blue, blue/black, pink/black and orange/black. For silver salmon a pink starlight leech. Add a few poppers or wogs in pink for surface fishing too.

What are the options if water conditions become challenging? Guests will have to wait for improvement if conditions are unfishable.

What is a typical day like? Breakfast begins your day and fishing starts soon after around 8AM. The fishing days will end in time for appetizers before dinner. Expect dinner around 7PM. There is lots of time of fish unguided during king season as the days are long. You are welcome to do so, but it is recommended to fish unguided with a partner. 

What is the general vibe, atmosphere, and style of the lodge? This is a relaxed camp atmosphere.

Is there an on-site owner, manager, or other point-person at the lodge? The staff consists of two guides and a camp host/chef for the total of six guests.

Where do we eat, and what are the meals like? Breakfast and dinner is served in the communal dining tent. Lunch will be served riverside. Meals are filling but simple. Expect local seafood, pasta dishes and protein dishes mixed between beef, pork, and chicken.

What is the alcohol policy? The camp does not sell or provide alcohol. Guests can pre-order spirits (before June 1) for an additional cost and it will be waiting for you at camp. Guests are also free to bring along their favorite beverages but must adhere to the weight restrictions on the charter flight.

Where do we stay, and what are the accommodations like? The accommodations at the riverside camp are insulated, heated, solid platform constructed Weatherport structures. Guests sleep in comfortable beds, with a full complement of linens, comforters, blankets, and pillows. A small, quiet generator along with solar panels provides electricity 24/7. There is a bath-house style shower facility with on demand warm running water and an outhouse on site.

Is there internet and/or cell service? No. There is a satellite phone for emergencies.

Are there other activities? No.

Are there any other expenses? Fishing license and gratuities are not included.

Do I need a visa? No.

Are there any health concerns, dangers, or annoyances? The closest major hospital is Anchorage. There are no immediate medical services in the area. Transfer to medical care can be slow. Please assess your medical problems before booking. There are also bears, moose and other wildlife in the area and always be aware of your surroundings.

We recommend that guests always consult with the U.S. Department of State and the Center for Disease Control websites for general travel information and guidelines.

Tell us about yourself and we'll reach out to plan the details of your trip