Experience Winter/Spring Steelhead

Ken Morrish October 24, 2023

Whether you call it spring steelheading or winter steelheading matters little, as once there was simply a continuum.

The fish that come when the days are short, and the water is cold are different than those that ascend in summer in fall. They are often large and hard to find, as their time in freshwater is short and precious. When their natal rivers bump in flow, they rush in ripe and ready, spawn quicky and then retreat to the salt as quicky as prudent. These heavy bodied fish are for the dedicated who thrive on challenge, rain hoods, and swollen green rivers. To tail even one triggers a slide of joy and pride and connects with something special beyond us.

Let's Get You Ready to Go Steelheading in B.C.

Our British Columbia Destination Manager is Ken Morrish

Let's Get You Ready to Go Steelheading in Oregon

Our Pacific Northwest Steelhead Destination Manager is David Kalinowski