Rio Marie, January 2024 Monthly Report

Untamed Angling - Brazil February 26, 2024

Rio Marie - Monthly Fishing Report - January 6 to February 3, 2024

Weather: We had mostly sunny days during the whole month.

Temperatures between: 28ºC and 39ºC

River Conditions: As we made our way back to the Marié River following the Christmas break, we were greeted by a sight that took us by surprise – the river had undergone a remarkable transformation in our absence. Within a brief interval, it had surged to its highest level of the season. Fortunately, luck was on our side as the water steadily receded throughout the remainder of the season.

Fishing Summary: The elevated waters presented a formidable challenge, requiring a strategic shift from both our guides and anglers. Sight casting was swiftly rendered impractical, necessitating the use of heavy sinking lines in pursuit of the larger fish. Yet, buoyed by the unwavering determination of our anglers and the gradual decline of the water levels over the month, we managed to secure some truly impressive catches, proving that under any conditions Rio Marié still os the River of Giants!

Fishing stats:

Peacock Bass Caught: 303

Temensis Over 10lbs: 5

Temensis Over 15lbs: 11

Temensis Over 20lbs: 5

Temensis Over 80cm length: 10

Highlights of the weeks:

Week 17: Guilhermo Arauz from Brazil embarked on his second expedition to the Rio Marié. His perseverance paid off as the first fish finally struck, a peacock bass weighing over 20 pounds. The triumph continued the following day when Guilhermo achieved the remarkable feat of landing another even larger 20lb+ peacock bass. Finishing the week with a combination that few anglers could boast, congratulations are in order for Guilhermo!

Week 18: Rodolfo ventured into the Amazon for the very first time, ready to tackle the challenge of peacock bass fishing in uncharted waters. We all know how daunting it can be for any angler, seasoned or not, to dive into a new fishing spot with unpredictable conditions. Undeterred, Rodolfo pressed on, and his determination paid off in spectacular fashion – he hooked an astounding 85cm-long, 22lb-heavy giant Peacock Bass from the Marié! This legendary catch marked his inaugural encounter with a Peacock Bass, and what an entrance it was!

Week 19: Thiago, a self-taught fly fisherman with a rich history exploring various corners of the Amazon, honed his skills in peacock bass fly fishing on each expedition. However, the Marié River marked his first venture into a destination dedicated specifically to fly fishing for sizable peacock bass. The fusion of Thiago's natural prowess and the accumulated expertise of the guides over the years yielded an inevitable outcome. Soon enough, Thiago found himself in a thrilling battle with a colossal catch., Thiago wasted no time plunging into the water, accompanied by his native guide. After an intense chase and navigating through the thick vegetation, Thiago triumphantly secured his coveted 23lbs Giant Peacock Bass of the Marié River.

Week 20: Like his fellow anglers in the group, Scott was also a newcomer to the art of fishing. Little did he anticipate that he would hook and reel in the largest catch of the trip. His inaugural peacock bass turned out to be a staggering 80cm long!

Congratulations to all anglers on these extraordinary achievements under any conditions!


Rio Marie, Brazil

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