Permit, Giant Trevally, Triggerfish, Bonefish
Destination Type
Fishing Style
Flats, Sightfishing, Wading
September - November & March - April
Fishing Days
Why We Go
  • Be among the first anglers to fish and explore the vast, untapped flat of Saudi Arabia
  • Wade fish beautiful, crystal-clear flats and sight-fish to a variety of exotic species including giant trevally, triggerfish, bonefish and permit
  • Enjoy deluxe spacious accommodations on a 131 ft Yacht with single occupancy rooms and attached baths
  • Be on the front end of experiencing the recently opened kingdom of Saudi Arabia and it friendly Muslim culture
  • Enjoy easy travel logistics with direct flights from the east coast to Jiddah

For years, our outfitting friends at FlyCastaway have been on the search for the next, if not the last, great saltwater fishing frontier. It has not been easy. Most of their missions fell short of their criteria until the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia launched their Vision 2023 campaign and shifted towards welcoming international tourism. With this shift, more than 300 KM of pristine flats and islands known as the Farasan Banks became accessible for the first time. These flat are very pristine and due to the wealth of the nation there are very few subsistence fishermen, meaning the fisheries are very healthy and home to multiple species of trevally, triggerfish, Indo Pacific permit, bonefish, and bumphead parrotfish.

The 2023 and 2024 exploratory seasons will utilize an exquisitely appointed 131-foot private yacht as their base. All guests will enjoy large spacious single state rooms with private bathrooms. Guides will top-notch English-speaking professional from FlyCastaway and Arabian Fly. The six scouting trips to the region have been largely land based so the coming 2023/2024 seasons will be truly groundbreaking, as the mothership will enable access to waters that have never seen a fly angler. This trip will all walk and wade fishing and best suited to anglers that want to be first in and contribute their time and skills to developing what we anticipate becoming a sought-after program moving forward.

Fishing Program

The Farasan Banks is a new and exciting destination in the Red Sea offered by Fly Castaway, a long tenured and trusted outfitter in the Indian Ocean and Mauritius. With Saudi Arabia now actively seeking western tourism and thus opening access, this portion of the Red Sea has long been eyed as a prime fishing target for those in the know. This trip is very much in the "exploratory phase" and much about the fishery is still to be determined. For many this makes the trip a must-do for any serious saltwater adventurer.

Guests will stay aboard a luxurious and well-appointed yacht that features 12 ensuite staterooms (four for the guides and eight for the guests). Each guest will have a private room/bathroom inclusive with their package. Eight anglers will set out each day in two large semi-rigid hull inflatable skiffs (four guests plus two guides) per skiff. The skiffs will be used purely for transportation to/from the flats. Nearly all of the fishing will be accomplished while wading hard bottom flats, so anglers should be prepared for easy wading, but spending the majority of each day on their feet. The expectation is that runs to the fishing grounds should be relatively short since the mothership will be flexible in its proximity to the fishing grounds. 

There is still much to be discovered with regard to the species mix, tides, conditions and productive fishing areas. However, through six weeks of early exploration, this area has yielded catches of giant trevally, golden trevally, mustache & yellow margin triggerfish, bonefish, info-pacific permit, and bumphead parrotfish. It is not yet known how prolific any of these species are in the area, however, early results are extremely promising. The professional South African guides from Fly Castaway are world-renowned for their professionalism, knowledge and ability to coordinate efforts to maximize the fishing potential for each day and each set of tides, and they will be with you each step of the way.


Your floating home for the exploratory season will be an extremely nice 131ft liveaboard that will accommodate eight guests each week in their own independent and spacious air-conditioned staterooms. Every stateroom has a private bathroom and shower, together with a porthole window. The extremely comfortable vessel also has a large, air-conditioned salon, sun deck, hot tub, sun loungers, deck chairs, and a bar (no alcohol is permitted in Saudi Arabia). All meals are served in the large comfortable air-conditioned dining area and are anticipated to be very good.


Day 1: Depart home, Arrive Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, overnight at a predetermined hotel (not included in package)

Day 2: Depart Jeddah, arrive Al Lith (approximately 2.5 hours transfer), board the yacht

Day 3 - 8: Six full days of fishing

Day 9: Depart yacht, transfer to Jeddah for evening flights home

Rates & Details

2024 Rate: Per person based on single occupancy and shared guiding

7 night/6 day package: $10,000

Included: 6 days guided fishing, all accommodations and meals on the yacht, water and soft drinks, ground transfers in Jeddah

Not Included: International flights, overnight accommodations and meals in Jeddah, Global Rescue membership, tackle & flies, gratuities, personal expenses (alcohol is not permitted in the kingdom of Saudi Arabi)

Species: Giant trevally, bluefin trevally, golden trevally, permit, bonefish, triggerfish, bumphead parrot fish

Season: September - November and March - April

Capacity: 8 anglers

Fly Water Q&A

Who is best suited to this destination?

The 2024 season will be a true exploratory season where the mothership will be exploring a vast region that has never been fly fished before. While the boat will be exceedingly comfortable and the guides will be seasoned professionals, everyone will be learning together as the season progresses. This means that some spots will likely be real winners and others might not work. The tides a are uniquely small here which adds to the learning curve. With said, this trip will productive and exciting, and you will literally be among the first to fish these waters and interface with locals, many of whom have never seen westerners, let alone fly anglers.

Where is the lodge?

The 131 foot mothership will be exploring the offshore flats in the greater Jiddah region of central Sudi Arabia. The fishing area is called the Farasan Banks.

How do I get there?

Guests will fly to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia via New York, London or Dubai the day prior to the trip start date. After overnighting in Jeddah at a predetermined hotel, guests will then be transferred approximately 2.5 hours to the town of Al Lith where you'll board the yacht. The yacht will motor overnight to the anchorage for fishing over the next 6 days. 

When should I go?

The main seasons for the Farasan Banks is September through November and March - April. Both seasons offer the best weather windows for the Red Sea.

How will I fish?

This will be a wade fishing trip where larger skiffs are used to taxi anglers to different flats and atolls. Guests will sight-fish shallow waters for a wide range of species often using 9 and 10 weight rods with floating lines.

Is there wade fishing?

Yes, this trip will be almost entirely wade fishing.

Where will I fish?

Primarily offshore flats as well as islands, offshore reefs, and atolls on the Farasan Banks.

How long does it take to reach the fishing grounds?

The beauty of mothership-based trips is that run times to fishing the fishing grounds tend to be very short. You may end up running 30 minutes or more at the end of the day to return but that is not typical.

What type(s) of fish will I catch?

On the flats you will target triggerfish (yellow margin & mustache), bluefin trevally, giant trevally, bumphead parrotfish, bonefish and Indo Pacific permit. The early exploratory trips to region offered some great fishing for mid-sized GT with 9 weight rods and crab patterns.

How many fish will I catch?

This all depends on the skill level of the angler and how each exploratory day plays out. We think there will be some really good days and likely some that are somewhat disappointing. Casting accuracy and being able to fish in knee-to-waist deep water with some wind is very important. With that said we expect anglers to action every day.

Will I see other anglers?

You won’t bump into any other anglers while fishing in Saudi Arabia. The only people you might see will be some local subsistence fisherman and maybe some military personal. You may well be the first western people the local fisherman have ever seen.

What are the guides like?

The guides team is both professional and passionate about the fishery. They are mostly South African. The guides will be on hand to look after every need of the angler and will make sure that each guests gets the best possible outcome from their time spent on & off the water. The guides can all speak fluent English.

What are the physical demands?

The majority of the fishing is done on foot, wading the flats. So the angler must have a reasonable fitness level.

Are there any special skills required?

Only thing we asks of our guests is to practice their casting before coming on the trip, regardless of their skill level. Practice with the same rods and lines that you will be using to get a good feel for them. By doing this, you will increase your catch-rate and make your trip much more enjoyable.

Does the lodge provide equipment?

Rod and reel rentals can be prearranged. We suggest guest pre-order flies (through Fly Water) that you will purchase from the guides on-site. They will have you fishing the exact flies they want and they will be on high quality hooks. 

What is your favorite setup for the trip

A fast action saltwater 9 weight rod with a floating saltwater line is ideal. The next most versatile will be a 10 weight set up the same way.

What are the top flies?

We recommend getting your flies on site but we do know that they like the strong arm crab!

What are the options if weather conditions become challenging?

Since it is an exploratory season, it is really too early to answer this.

What is a typical day like?

They will design the days around the prevailing conditions, always doing their best to provide guests with best angling opportunities. The morning sessions seems to be the best while the water temps are cool.

What is the general vibe, atmosphere, and style of the lodge?

You will be on a glorious, spacious Oligarch/James Bond-style yacht. The one difference is that there will not be any martinis, as all alcohol is forbidden in Saudi Arabia. With that said the vibe will be casual and fun and you will be li9ving with the entire crew which will be enriching.

Is there an on-site owner, manager, or other point-person at the lodge?

There will always be a head guide on site to field any questions or concerns.

Where do we eat, and what are the meals like?

There will be a spacious, air-conditioned dining area and the meals will be excellent.

What is the alcohol policy?

There is a strict no alcohol policy in Saudi Arabia so this will be a 100% dry voyage.

Where do we stay, and what are the accommodations like?

Your floating home for the exploratory season will be an extremely nice 131ft liveaboard that will accommodate eight guests each week in their own independent and spacious air-conditioned staterooms. Every stateroom has a private bathroom and shower, together with a porthole window. The extremely comfortable vessel also has a large, air-conditioned salon, sun deck, hot tub, sun loungers, deck chairs, and a bar (no alcohol is permitted in Saudi Arabia). All meals are served in the large comfortable air-conditioned dining area.

 Is there internet and/or cell service?

We are fairly certain there will be Wi-Fi as well as limited cell service.

Are there other activities?

Yes. The ship has diving equipment and a dive master. Dives are estimated at $75 per dive payable on-site.

Are there any other expenses?

Overnight accommodations in Jeddah, flies, rental tackle, gratuities, dive gear/service, and mandatory travel insurance.

Do I need a visa?

Guests from most counties can apply for an E-visa online. The process takes about 15 minutes.

Are there any health concerns, dangers or annoyances?

The only dangers worth mentioning are poisonous shells, sharks, and certain reef species. The guides will run through all of this each day reminding guests not to pick up shells, etc.

We recommend that guests always consult with the U.S. Department of State and the Center for Disease Control websites for general travel information and guidelines.

Tell us about yourself and we'll reach out to plan the details of your trip