Golden Dorado
Fishing Style
Jungle, Skiff
Fishing Days
Why We Go
  • Explore the remote and unpressured waters of the middle Parana and Isoro Wetlands
  • Fish for more abundant smaller dorado in the wetlands, and fewer trophy fish in the river
  • Take advantage of provided equipment with advance notice
  • Enjoy great meals and log-cabin style accommodations, as well as a pool
  • Fish with skilled English-speaking guides

Jetu’u Lodge is cozy, comfortable, waterfront, log-style lodge/estancia with two distinct dorado venues. The first is the vast tropical matrix of the Isoro Wetlands where guests target higher numbers of mid-sized dorado and the second is the middle reach of the Parana River where guests target trophy dorado. Best yet the, the starting point for each venue begins at the same dock, just steps from the lodge. The operation has five double occupancy rooms, all with air conditioning and attached bathrooms and the lodge has small pool overlooking the dock and surrounding wetlands.

Fishing Program

All guests will fish a split-schedule day with a morning session followed by a long mid-day break and siesta and then an evening session. Guests will fish two per boat under the watchful eyes skilled English-speaking fly fishing guides. The guides will use both push poles and electric motors to position the boats, and guests will cast large flies to a wide range of structure. Whether guests fish the marsh or the river will in large part depend on personal preference as well as the immediate conditions at hand and your guide’s recommendation.


Jetu’u is on a traditional estancia with a log-cabin-style lodge with cattle and horses roaming the adjacent properties. The lodge is cozy and comfortable and features five double occupancy rooms with air conditioning and ensuite bathrooms. They take eight anglers per week and provide a warm, friendly, service-oriented experience for their guests. They also have a small pool which can be welcome refresher after fishing in the tropical heat.

Meals can be taken at the outdoor dining table, but most meals are eaten in the air-conditioned dining room.  Meals will be hearty and delicious with plenty of beef and red wine!


Day 1: Arrive Buenos Aires, Argentina. Overnight at hotel (not included).

Day 2: Depart Buenos Aires early in the morning for charter flight.

Days 3 – 7: Full days guided fishing in the Isoro wetlands as well as the middle Parana as conditions and preferences dictate. Options exist to combine with other dorado destinations in the same week.

Day 8: Depart lodge for charter flight back to Buenos Aires.

Rates & Details

2024/25 Rate: Per person based on double occupancy

7 night/6 day package: $8,350

Included: Charter flights between lodges and Buenos Aires, guided fishing, accommodations, all meals and beverages, including beer, wine and alcohol, ground transfers to charter flight airports, fishing license, flies, and equipment

Not Included: International flights, laundry, staff and guide gratuities

Species: Freshwater dorado, pacu, pira pita

Capacity: 8 anglers

Fly Water Q&A

What are the top reasons to go?

  • Explore the remote and unpressured waters of the middle Parana and Isoro Wetlands
  • Fish for more abundant smaller dorado in the marsh, and fewer trophy fish in the river
  • Take advantage of provided equipment with advance notice
  • Enjoy great meals and log-cabin style accommodations, as well as a pool
  • Fish with skilled English-speaking guides

Who is best suited for this destination?  Intermediate anglers who would like to experience a great variety of Dorado fishing.  Guests should be prepared to make a lot of casts using an 8-weight rod and large flies in warm weather. Dorado will reward anglers with good casting skills, although long casts are not necessary to fish effectively.

Where is the lodge?  Jetu’u lodge is located in the Isoro Wetlands, a natural reserve, half way between the towns of Goya and Esquina in Corrientes, Argentina.

How do I get there?  Guests will take a private charter included in week long packages from the domestic airport in Buenos Aires.  This is included as is the ground transportation from your hotel to the regional airport. For shorter stays, the charter flight is not included but available for additional expense.

When should I go?  While the season runs from through most of the year here, there are seasonal variations between the best months and when the river and marsh fish the best.  The best months in terms of weather and good fishing, are in the Spring and Fall.  March/April and October – December are considered ‘prime’, although there are other times of the year that the fishing can still be quite good in either the Parana River or wetlands for week long packages or shortened stays.

How will I fish?  All fishing is done from skiffs utilizing a push pole or electric motor.  Anglers cast towards structure, underwater rocks, logs, side channels, pools, and inlets to find likely holding water where dorado wait to ambush their prey.

Is there wade fishing? No.  There is very limited wading, and most guests will fish exclusively from the boats.  Wading is best the months of July, August and September on the sandbars in the main river.

Where will I fish?  Guests will fish the middle Parana River for medium to trophy sized dorado as well as the immediately adjacent Isoro Wetlands, for medium sized fish in a beautiful lush tropical marsh.  SET Fly Fishing operates a great combo program with their other lodges in the Ibera Wetlands at La Alondra’I and the upper Parana at Itati Lodge, which can easily be combined with this destination.

How long does it take to get to the fishing grounds?  The boats are parked right in front of the lodge at the edge of the Isoro Wetlands and from there you will run roughly 15 – 45 minutes depending on whether you fish the Parana River or wetlands.

What type of fish will I catch?  Golden dorado is the primary target, but you can also encounter Palometa (large piranha), vampire fish (chafalote) and lachas.

How many fish will I catch?  Golden dorado fishing is not a numbers game, and it is best to expect modest numbers of landed fish each day. When fishing the river, anglers should be prepared for lots of casting and be attentive and ready to capitalize on every strike with a solid hookset. Anglers with a strong saltwater strip set will be rewarded. The wetlands provide higher numbers of fish, while you have fewer chances but for larger fish in the main river.

Will I see other anglers?  The marsh and river are public water, but other than a few local anglers, the lodge does not compete for space with any other fly outfitters.  Seeing a few other anglers is expected, but you won’t see many as the closest towns of Goya and Esquina are over an hour and a half boat ride away on the main river.

What are the guides like?  The guides all speak English and are hardworking, professional, and experienced. They are passionate about dorado and work hard to provide guests with the best opportunities the region has to offer.

What are the physical demands?  You will be casting repeatedly with a single hand 8-weight from a boat and the weather can be very warm.

Are there special skills required?  Long casts are not required, but an accurate 60-foot cast close to the structure will benefit the angler and result in more opportunities. A good saltwater-style strip-set, and good double haul are also very helpful.

Does the lodge provide equipment?  Top quality Sage and Rio equipment can be provided at no charge, just make sure to notify Fly Water Travel that you’ll need to use their gear. All flies, leaders and terminal tackle are provided.

What is your favorite set up for the trip?  A high-quality fast action 8-weight rod and a reel with a strong drag and a tropical weight forward floating line will work the best.

Our favorite set -up is a Sage 890-4 Salt R8, Sage Arbor XL reel, paired with the Rio direct core Jungle line.

What are the top flies? The lodge provides all flies at no charge but any fly that is big and moves water, whether subsurface or floating, will work.  The top dorado wet-fly pattern is a 6-inch long deceiver-style fly, with a bead chain eye and a sparse bucktail collar tied on a stout, straight eye, wide-gap Big Game hook in sizes 4/0 – 6/0.  The guides here prefer this fly as an unweighted pattern over the more common Andino deceiver, which has a larger muddler head and lead eyes.

What are the options if water conditions become challenging?  It is unusual for the middle river to be unfishable during the prime season, but if it does the Isoro Wetlands provide different water conditions that often offer an alternative to the main river.

What is a typical day like?  Anglers fish in two split sessions with a long midday break for lunch and a siesta.  The fishing schedule will change throughout the season based on timing of the sunrise and sunsets, and to take advantage of the optimal temperatures to target dorado. The guides are flexible and are open to planning a full day out on the water with lunch on the boat so you can minimize transfer times back to the lodge and maximize your time on the water when conditions warrant.

What is the general vibe, atmosphere, and style of the lodge?  The general vibe is very relaxed.  You feel like you are with a family that wants to make sure you are having a great time. They do a wonderful job of making sure you know that this is your vacation, and they are happy to accommodate you in any way they can. 

Is there an on-site owner, manager, or other point-person at the lodge?  Yes.  There is always a manager or owner onsite.

Where do we eat and what are the meals like?  Meals can be taken at the outdoor dining table, but temperature usually dictates that most meals are eaten in the air-conditioned dining room.  This is a fun and relaxed log cabin fishing lodge with delicious steaks, salads and desserts.

What is the alcohol policy?  Alcohol is included in the package and guests are welcome to bring their own favorite spirit if they like.

Where do we stay, and what are the accommodations like? Jetu’u is a traditional Estancia with cattle and horses roaming the adjacent properties.  The lodge features five double occupancy rooms with air conditioning and ensuite bathrooms. They only take eight anglers per week.

Is there internet and cell service?  Yes, they have both cell coverage and Wi-Fi at the lodge.

Are there other activities? No, this is a fishing focused destination.

Are there any other expenses?  Guests not on a full week fishing program can pay extra for a charter flight from Buenos Aires directly to the lodge.

Do I need a visa? No, only a valid passport.

Are there any health concerns, dangers or annoyances?  There are mosquitos although I would describe them as being ‘moderate’ during most time periods. We recommend that guests always consult with the U.S. Department of State and the Center for Disease Control websites for general travel information and guidelines.

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