Golden Dorado
Destination Type
Fishing Style
November - April
Fishing Days
Why We Go
  • Target golden dorado in the Iberá Marshlands, one of the world's most pristine and spectacular freshwater wetlands
  • Enjoy a very special and comfortable lodge with a great meals and service
  • Experience high catch rates with talented guides from modern flats skiffs
  • Sight-fish for dorado in ultra-clear water
  • Explore over three million acres of uninhabited wetlands with more than 350 species of birds and other wildlife

Pira Lodge is located in the middle of northern Argentina’s 3 million-acre Ibera Wetlands Preserve. This is a spectacular ecosystem with crystal-clear waters, abundant bird and wildlife, and some of the most scenic and spectacular light-tackle dorado fishing in Argentina. Pira was the world’s first deluxe lodge purpose-built for discerning freshwater dorado anglers. With an exceptional wilderness setting, elegant accommodations, fine food and wine, and a gracious outdoor pool, Pira has a special magic about it that draws well-traveled international anglers back year after year. Stays of varying length welcome.

Fishing Program

Golden dorado are a hard-fighting and acrobatic fish known for its strong runs and relentless jumps. Fishing for them requires determination and persistent casting of big, wind-resistant flies on 8-weight rods. Fishing two per guide out of modern flats skiffs, guests blind cast streamers in and around structure, in hopes of catching the attention of the predatory dorado. Depending on the situation, delicate or more aggressive presentations and retrieves may be used, but in either case it is key to begin stripping the fly as soon as it touches the water. A strong strip-set is also required to land these great sportfish. The guides at Pira Lodge are professional and dedicated Argentinians, each proficient in conversational and fishing English.

While at Pira Lodge, guests fish the pristine and expansive Iberá Marshlands. This massive wetland area is filled with countless crystal-clear creeks, rivers, shallows, weed beds, sandbars, and lakes. With a dock located on the lodge property, transport time to the boats and to the fishing grounds is minimal, with runs of 30 minutes representing the upper end. Anglers at Pira Lodge fish a split-shift schedule to avoid midday heat and focus their efforts on the more productive mornings and evenings. Between the morning and evening fishing sessions, guests take lunch, relax, and can even enjoy a siesta.


Built in a typical Corrientes style, the lodge enjoys a spectacular panoramic view of the vast wetlands. It accommodates up to ten guests in five large rooms, each with a private entrance, private bath, two double beds, and air conditioning. A separate building, attached by covered galleries, accommodates the spacious living room, bar, and dining room, which opens to a wide veranda. The lodge was designed to respect the traditional local architecture while offering all the comforts of a contemporary hotel. A fly tying table, shaded veranda with hammocks, daily maid and laundry service and 20-meter pool are available to all guests. The lodge has a fly shop fully equipped with flies, rods, reels, lines, and clothing.

Pira lodge offers wonderful cuisine based on local meats, fresh vegetables, and delicious desserts paired with a wonderful selection of Argentine wines. A traditional Argentine asado (BBQ) is held weekly where guests can sample different cuts of meat and wonderful salads. Breakfast is served al fresco when comfortable, and a full cooked breakfast is prepared with fresh fruit, yogurts, homemade bread and jams, and a selection of cereals.


Day 1: Depart home.

Day 2: Arrive Buenos Aires international airport (EZE) and transfer to domestic airport (AEP) for connecting flight to Corrientes (CNQ) or Resistencia (RES) airports (independently arranged, not included). Please allow at least four hours for this transfer. Guests are met at the airport by a representative and transferred 3.5 hours to the lodge.

Day 3 – 8: Six full days guided fishing.

Day 9: Depart lodge to CNQ or RES airports for transfer back to AEP. Depending on the flights offered, guests may need to transfer from the domestic airport (AEP) to the international airport (EZE) to catch flights home (independently arranged, not included). Please allow at least four hours for this transfer.

Rates & Details

2023-24 Rate: Per person based on double occupancy

7 night/6 day package: $7,450

*stays of varying length available

Included: Accommodations, meals and beverages including beer, wine and alcohol at the lodge, fishing license, loaner fishing equipment (rods, reels, and line), guided fishing, fishing equipment

Not Included: International and domestic airfare, accommodations/meals/transfers in Buenos Aires, transfer from Mercedes to the lodge, flies, and gratuities

Species: Freshwater Dorado

Capacity: 10 anglers

Fly Water Q&A

Who is best suited to this destination? Anglers who want to experience convenient, freshwater fishing for golden dorado with deluxe accommodations in one of the world’s most intact wetlands. Guests should be prepared for a long travel program and be ready to make a lot of casts during the week using 8-weight rods and large flies in warm weather. This is also an incredible destination for folks who like bird watching.

Where is the lodge? Pira Lodge is situated in the Iberá Marshland in the Corrientes Province of northeastern Argentina.

How do I get there? Guests typically take an evening flight from the US to arrive early morning at the Buenos Aires International Airport (EZE) in Argentina. Upon landing, travelers’ clear customs and transfer to the domestic airport (AEP) to make a connecting flight to either Corrientes (CNQ) or Resistencia airports (RES). It is best to book an afternoon flight from Buenos Aires AEP to Corrientes or Resistencia. Dependent on the arrival airport, there is a four- to five-hour drive to the lodge. There are also the non-standard options of an overnight, first class sleeper bus departing Buenos Aires to the nearby town of Mercedes with a short transfer to the lodge, or a private charter is available for an additional expense.

When should I go? The season is open from October through April. January through March are great times to be there, with February being the peak. Anglers can also visit earlier in the season, in October, and combine their trip with the Nervous Waters’ sister operation, Suindá Lodge. There, guests have a real shot at a dorado in the 30-pound class.

How will I fish? Anglers target golden dorado using 7- or 8-weight rods with weight forward, floating warmwater lines, as well as full, fast-sinking lines of about 300 grains. Anglers fish from flats skiffs, casting, and stripping streamers at various speeds toward structure, rocks, and weed beds where the predatory dorado hold to ambush their prey. Depending on the fishing situation, a loud splash of the fly may be preferred to get their attention, or a softer more delicate presentation may be required to entice a bite.

Is there wade fishing? The Iberá Marshlands is not a wade-focused fishery. There are some sandbars and grass beds that provide wading opportunities, but guests fish primarily from the boat.

Where will I fish? Anglers fish throughout the Iberá Marshlands and the numerous crystal-clear creeks, rivers, shallows, and lakes contained within its 3 million-acre preserve boundaries.

How long does it take to reach the fishing grounds? The dock is located on the property, and from there guests can expect to ride 5- to 30-minutes in the boat to reach the fishing destination.

What type(s) of fish will I catch? Golden dorado are the target species, but anglers may also encounter other native species.

How many fish will I catch? Fishing for golden dorado is not a numbers game. Anglers can expect to encounter five to 15 fish per day depending on conditions. The key to landing them is a strong strip set.

Will I see other anglers? Not likely.

What are the guides like? The guides are all passionate, professional guides that speak good conversational and fishing English.

What are the physical demands? Dorado fishing requires good balance and the ability to cast large flies on 8-weight rods in warm weather.

Are there any special skills required? Anglers must strip the fly from the moment it touches the surface of the water, and the key to hooking and landing golden dorado is a strong strip set.

Does the lodge provide equipment? The lodge can provide quality fishing equipment for guests upon request.

What is your favorite setup for the trip? A fast action 9-foot, 8-weight rod equipped with a floating, tropical water shooting head-style line.

What are the top flies? Any fly that is big, black, and moves water will be productive. The preferred subsurface pattern is the Andino Deceiver in red and black, purple, and black, and black on black.

What are the options if water conditions become challenging? If water conditions become too challenging, guests can elect to return to the lodge and hang out by the pool or enjoy other activities such as nature watching in the marsh, or horseback riding.

What is a typical day like? Typically, anglers’ fish in two split sessions, leaving the lodge at 8:00AM or earlier after breakfast, fish until about 12:30PM and return to the lodge for lunch, drinks, and a swim in the pool if desired. Anglers then return to the dock to depart for the evening session around 4:30PM, returning at dusk. Dinners are late in Argentina and guests should expect to eat around 9:00PM or later.

What is the general vibe, atmosphere, and style of the lodge? The lodge is elegantly decorated and features contemporary local architecture. The atmosphere is casual and provides a welcoming place to hang out between the morning and evening fishing sessions.

Is there an on-site owner, manager, or other point-person at the lodge? Yes, there is a lodge host to help with any needs that may arise during the stay.

Where do we eat, and what are the meals like? There is a separate building apart from the rooms, that is connected by open air patios and covered walkways with a living room, dining room, and bar. Pira Lodge offers wonderful cuisine based on local meats, fresh vegetables, and delicious desserts paired with a wonderful selection of Argentine wines. A traditional Argentine asado (barbeque) is held weekly where guests can sample different cuts of meat paired with wonderful salads. Breakfast is served al fresco during part of the season and made-to-order breakfasts from a menu are available. These are served with fresh fruit, yogurts, home-baked bread, jams, and a selection of cereals.

What is the alcohol policy? Beer, wine, and local spirits are all included in the package price.

Where do we stay, and what are the accommodations like? The lodge is situated in the Iberá wetlands and features the local elegant Corrientes style of architecture and decoration. They can accommodate up to 10 guests in five, double-occupancy rooms, and each room has a private entrance, private bath, two double beds, ceiling fans and air conditioning.

Is there internet and/or cell service? There is no cell phone coverage, but the lodge has a satellite phone for emergency use. Internet is available, but slow due to the remote location of the lodge.

Are there other activities? Guests can go horseback riding, bird watching, snorkeling, or stay at the lodge and hang by the pool if desired. Other activities can be organized on-site with the head guide.

Are there any other expenses? Ground transfers to the lodge are not included and the pricing is based on the arrival airport - Corrientes or Resistencia. Also, fishing licenses are not included in the package price and are $50 per person. It is also possible to fly by private charter and land at the air strip on the lodge property for an additional expense. The lodge has limited laundry service for an additional fee.

Do I need a visa? No

Are there any health concerns, dangers, or annoyances? The lodge provides bottled water, as the tap water is not safe for drinking. Due to the remote location, we strongly recommend that anglers purchase travel insurance and medical evacuation coverage. We recommend Global Rescue. We recommend that guests always consult with the US Department of State and the Center for Disease Control websites for general travel information and guidelines.

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