Western Trout

Experience Multi-Day Float Trips

Max Salzburg February 08, 2023

At Fly Water Travel we are unabashed champions of the multi-day river trip.

Few outdoor experiences compare to the total wilderness immersion of float trips, where the entirety of days and nights are literally spent on the river. We love fishing until the sun goes down, campfires, drinking beverages out of tin cups, sleeping under the stars, and listening to the river flow by. We also like waking up to the crisp morning air and warming our hands on the first cup of hot coffee fresh from the camp stove. All these little moments add up to a grand outdoor adventure. These trips offer full-immersion in the elements and environment as well as a chance to more deeply know a river and the nuances of its fishery.

Middle Fork of the Salmon River, Idaho with Helfrich River Outfitters
The Smith River, Montana with PRO Outfitters