Experience Permit

Dylan Rose December 06, 2022

To land a permit on a fly is a pinnacle experience in the landscape of angling.

Consider all of the anglers in the world. Now consider all of them that have caught a permit. Finally how many of those anglers have caught one on a fly? Surely, we must be talking about a fractional percentage when viewing the statistics for anglers across the world. No, it is not easy. Permit do not care how rare your days off are. They don't care how much money you've spent and they certainly do not care how bad you want it. It is hard. It is maddening. It is sado-masochistic, but it is also incredibly addicting. It's been said that the greatest dopamine releases occur after the greatest work has been invested. I believe that for permit anglers, this is what accounts for the unyielding desire to chase these incredible fish. It's the thrill of the chase, the agony of defeat and the unbridled bliss when it all comes together. 

Mexico's Yucatan peninsula offers some of the most diverse permit water found anywhere in the world. As well, a range of operations can be found with our favorite locations delivering warm Mexican hospitality, down-home comfort food and passionate guides that eat, sleep and breathe permit. The Yucatan's permit grounds typically are accessed by fishing from a panga or flats skiff in water 2- to 6-feet deep with a floating line and weighted crab patterns. Anglers often find success throwing in some "shrimpy" curve balls as well, but like anywhere permit are found, they will always yield an immense challenge on the fly. The singularly focused and immensely persistent angler will consistently find the most success when targeting these incredible and elusive animals.

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Our Mexico Destination Manager is Landon Mace

With operations ranging from plush jungle retreats, complete with swimming pools and spa services to remote camps catering to hardened permit anglers, Belize's permit waters remain productive and legendary. In contrast to the well-diversified species mix to the north, Belize's waters south of Dangriga extending all the way to Punta Gorda are best suited to singularly focused permit anglers. A skinny-water anglers dream, shots at fish in water less than 2 feet deep are common in these zones. Anglers almost always toss lightly weighted (or blind) crab patterns in smaller sizes on floating lines in this area. These waters, known affectionately as "Permit Alley", are typified by a maze of small and protected pancake flats that can fished in rapid succession in a shotgun-style approach. These waters are famous for delivering heart-pounding shots at half-submerged fish, their tails sticking high out of the water and always demanding your very best attempt.

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Our Belize Desination Manager is Dylan Rose