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Experience Western Trout Dry Fly Fishing

Max Salzburg May 03, 2023

As trout anglers, it is hard not to love dry fly fishing and not to see a fish caught on a dry as a more significant accomplishment or gift than one caught sub-surface.

But finding oneself in the right place at the right time to get consistent dry fly action is anything but easy. The variables are many. What insects are hatching when? Which rivers have the most robust hatches, and which operations have the guides and passion for giving top-water fishing and honest effort? We have experience answering these questions, and while we cannot assure folks that the weather gods will support our goals, we can certainly improve your odds of finding the dates and places where the fish are looking up. Below are some of our favorite destinations to target trout on dry flies.

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Our Western Trout Destination Manager is Max Salzburg