Kc Badger Can't Catch a Steelhead

Steelhead are the mythical, uncatchable creatures of the PNW - right up there with Bigfoot - well known to be the fish of a thousand casts. But to Kc Badger, they are much more than that. Since moving from the arid desert of Arizona to the rainy city of Portland, steelhead have haunted Kc. It's not from a lack of trying, or from a lack of skill, or even from lack of knowledge about these fish. Kc Badger just can't seem to catch a steelhead, or can he...


Steelhead are elusive creatures, known as a fish of a thousand casts, ghosts of the river, and worst yet, it's an addiction with no cure. Days, weeks, or even entire seasons can go without an encounter. So when the time comes to dance with one of these unicorns, you better make sure your gear won't fail you.

7126-4 Claymore