Salty flats are waiting for your next great fishing story. You don’t need a ton to have the trip of a lifetime. A rod, reel, some line, a handful of flies, and a couple of close pals to lie about how many bones you hooked or that double haul into 100mph winds. You know… the small details just to give your stories a little more punch. So grab your gear, a beer, and head to the beach.


Redfish Gear

Stalk the lowland reeds as you seek out the mud loving red tanks of the marshes. Equally spooky as they are eager to eat your fly, redfish patrol the flats for crab, shrimps, and when they start feeding you must look through the fog for tails with eyes, and you’ve found your target. If you haven’t targeted drum on the fly, it’s time to give them another look

Bonefish Gear

You take a sip of hot coffee while the weatherman on TV mumbles something about negative temps yet again, and for a moment, the warm taste of coffee drifts you off into a daydream. A remote tropical island appears, surrounded by flats. You can feel your smile widening as optimism ensues. One week you think, warm weather, sunshine, and walking a white sandy flat. It's time to warm up your bones with one at the end of your line.

Striper Gear

There's no better time to send your game into overdrive than fly fishing in the Northeast. Cover the coast, targeting stripers - fly rod in hand. We've got your setup dialed, so all you have to worry about is timing the tides.