From Alaska to the Great Lakes to the Pacific Northwest, when the steelhead and salmon starting to showing up, it’s game on. Prepare yourself to challenge “chromers” and salmon in your local waters with our curated selection of gear. Built to deliver fun, excitement, and success on the water time and time again.


Steelhead Gear

Swing’ ain’t easy, but the reward can be spectacular. Two handed casting is the kung fu of fishing. It requires patience, deft hand movement, and a meditative focus. Once mastered, and enlightenment achieved, chaos will strike in the form of a chrome colossus that will put your skills to the test. Grab life by two hands, head to your local river, and get in the zone.


When it comes to fly fishing for strong, powerful gamefish, it probably doesn’t get any better than Alaska. It’s the land of endless possibilities from bountiful runs of silver salmon to some of the most incredibly sized rainbows you’ll ever lay your eyes on. So when you’re ready for your next Alaskan fly fishing adventure, look no further, and dial yourself in with everything you need to be successful in “The Last Frontier”.


There’s nothing subtle about it, and that is exactly the point. When it comes to salmon, stopping power is the name of the game, both in saltwater and when they return home to the rivers they’re born from. No matter if you’re nymphing in the Great Lakes, swinging on big expansive rivers, or targeting in the salt, our collection of salmon gear is ready for the fight.