Redington Squad

Redington Rally Rewind

Redington October 12, 2023
Redington Rally Hosts

This year the Women's Rally was hosted by Demiesha Dennis, Amber Toner, and Kayla Lockhart. 

 Redington Rally Fly Tying Night With Kayla Lockhart

Each night the hosts held fly fishing adjacent seminars including fly tying led by Kayla, how to take photos on the water with Amber, and "The Invitation - Building Joyful Communities in Fly Fishing," lead by Demiesha. 
Redington Rally Gear

Here's some of Amber's favorite gear featuring a streamside lunch provided by Kingfisher Lodge. The food during the event incredible.

Redington Rally Fishing

Fishing the first two days was tougher than normal due to unusually high water conditions this time of year, but fish were still caught!

Redington Rally Fish

By day two and three, the fishing picked up immensely due to water levels stabilizing. Most fish were caught on larger nymphs or streamers—including this nice brown trout from above!

Redington Rally Trout

Plenty of rainbows were also caught by day three, especially in the riffles, and shallower water. The Trout Wrangler Kit performed admirably against the hard fighting fish of the Bighorn River.

Redington Rally River High Five

The stoke was high on the final day of fishing, as the river fully stabilized and each boat put up great numbers of fish. Everyone would have stayed another day.

Redington Rally Gametime

Other nightly events included games of cornhole, riding around the lodge in their ATV, and even spotting some wild horses.

The Redington Rally Crew

The Redington Rally is a call to all women sharing in the adventure of the great outdoors. Share the love and get featured on Redington's Instagram Stories by tagging #redingtonrally and @redingtongear and inspire others to get out and enjoy the water.