Trout Season 2019

Sage October 03, 2019

This summer we took our ’85 VW Vanagon on a bit of a journey through the Rocky Mountain West. Between Montana, Idaho, and Colorado, we added a few thousand miles to the speedometer, replaced a few crucial parts, tilted *slightly* off axis, and even hosted a rodent companion for a night (sorry Andrew). In its most honest definition, we truly embraced the trout bum lifestyle. From fast-paced high mountain streams in Colorado, to the majestic Madison River in Montana, we got a taste of some of the finest trout fishing in the west. While the fishing was, well, incredible, it’s the people and communities whom we shared these experiences that made it not only possible, but unforgettable.


Our first stop was in Missoula, reconnecting with old friends and exploring new water. The first evening was spent on a small, higher elevation creek that took a lovely winding dirt road to its banks. Casting quarters were close, a perfect job for the Dart 076-3, but fish were plentiful. We traded rods with each spot and fish, whether landed or missed.



Day two was a stark contrast from the previous evening's uncomplicated fishing. We found ourselves creeping up a slow moving, crystal clear spring creek. Mats of weeds swayed in the current; large Browns and Rainbows gently sipped small bugs off the surface. This was a game of concentration, technique, and patience. Jesse worked a gorgeous Brown for almost an hour, changing flies countless times, only to have it take the fly the second he wasn't looking. Lucas ultimately prevailed with a dandy right at the buzzer.




Follow along in the coming weeks as we re-cap our adventures from this past Trout Season.