Fly Fishing Innovation & Craftsmanship

Craftsmanship is one of the most overused terms in the marketplace. Everyone claims it, but Sage lives it, just as we have for almost 4 decades.

At Sage, craftsmanship is the never-ending challenge to get it right. Always experimenting. Always innovating. Always pushing prototypes beyond the point of breaking until we have finally arrived at a fly fishing tool that meets our exacting demands. As one of our most experienced designers says, everything is an experiment – we just sell some of it. Craftsmanship is always pushing the boundaries.

At Sage, craftsmanship is attention to detail. It starts with exceptional materials – from proprietary graphite fibers, resins, and exclusive pre-preg to cold-forged aerospace-grade aluminum and proprietary, high-grade USA carbon discs. Then it’s the human touch – unique handcrafted manufacturing techniques that optimize our materials. It ends with custom-designed componentry and thoughtful cosmetics finishes. Craftsmanship makes your Sage rod and reel, YOUR Sage rod and reel.

Made In The USA

At Sage, craftsmanship is our people. We’re not a big faceless factory, but rather a workplace of craftspeople who design and build the world’s best fly rods and reels using our hands and hearts. We do it by sharing ideas and always asking the next question to find what can be done to make this better. Our rods are built one at time right here on Bainbridge Island, WA, following hundreds of meticulous steps and passing through 23 sets of hands. Our reels are also designed right here, and then precision-crafted with exclusive USA carbon to tolerance only Sage can deliver. We’re out there fishing the same places in the same unforgiving conditions that you are. Craftsmanship is applied experience. Lifetimes of it.