What Makes A Great Spey Rod?

By utilizing our proprietary Revolution 8 graphite, SPEY R8 rods heighten the smooth transfer of energy throughout the three key components of the Spey cast, allowing anglers to effectively Lift line off the water, Load the rod sufficiently, and Deliver the fly to the target. Casts become instinctive and consistent. Simultaneously, we Fine-Tuned rod models and actions to match the vast array of Spey situations found around the globe. The result is a Spey Casting Synergy that’s enjoyable and approaching effortless. Be it steelhead, Atlantic salmon, king salmon, or sea-run brown trout; Skagit, Scandi or Traditional lines; SPEY R8 rods capitalize on each cast, increasing the likelihood of the almighty moment that we all are devoted to.

Introducing SPEY R8

“My stoke level couldn't be higher than it is right now with the introduction of the Spey R8. I would have to describe these rods as intuitive, dynamic, powerful, and connective. There's no thinking involved, only casting fed by instinct, as these rods are like an extension of my physical being.”
- Jon Hazlett -

Spey Fishing Guide & Instructor Medford, OR & Gold Beach, OR

Explore The SPEY R8 Family

SPEY R8 7116-4
All-Around Switch
SPEY R8 8116-4
Heavy-Duty Switch
SPEY R8 5126-4
Ultralight Spey
SPEY R8 6130-4
Light-Duty Spey
SPEY R8 7126-4
Short-Length All-Around Spey
SPEY R8 7130-4
Mid-Length All-Around Spey
SPEY R8 7136-4
Long-Length All-Around Spey
SPEY R8 8126-4
Short-Length High Power Spey
SPEY R8 8130-4
Mid-Length Heavy Duty Spey
SPEY R8 8136-4
Long-Length High Power Spey
SPEY R8 9130-4
Mid-Length Heavy Duty Spey
SPEY R8 9140-6
Long-Length Long Line Spey
SPEY R8 10150-4
Long-Length Longest Line Spey