New To Fly: Episode 6
Basic Lake Fly Fishing Tactics
Far Bank Fly Fishing School


E6: Basic Lake Fly Fishing Techniques

This episode is a comprehensive dive into what fly fishing for trout in a lake is all about. The video covers all the basics needed to understand where you should fish, how to fish, what to do when you hook a fish, and how to identify the fish you have caught. In addition, this film discusses the main tactics an angler can use to fly fish for trout in a lake successfully.

Episode 6 Chapters

Chapter 1
Safety Considerations
Chapter 2
Fish Behavior In Stillwater
Chapter 3
Identifying Fish
Chapter 4
Finding Fish
Chapter 5
Basic Lake Fly Fishing Gear
Chapter 6a
Basic Fly Casts For The Lake Angler
Chapter 6b
Roll Cast
Chapter 7
Types Of Line Retrieval
Chapter 8a
Basic Lake Fly Fishing Tactics
Chapter 8b
Dry Fly
Chapter 8c
Nymph Fishing
Chapter 8d
Nymph And Indicator
Chapter 9
Playing A Fish
Chapter 10
Releasing A Fish