New To Fly: Episode 5
Basic River Fly Fishing Tactics
Far Bank Fly Fishing School


E5: Basic River Fly Fishing Tactics

This episode is a comprehensive dive into what river fly fishing is all about. The video covers all the basics needed to understand what you are doing in a river; how to be safe when fishing, where you should fish, how to fish, what to do when you hook a fish, and how to identify the fish you have caught. In addition, this film discusses the three key tactics an angler can use to fly fish in a river.

Episode 5 Chapters

Chapter 1
Safety Considerations
Chapter 2
Fish Behavior In Moving Water
Chapter 3
Identifying Fish
Chapter 4
Finding Fish
Chapter 5
Basic River Gear
Chapter 6
Basic Fly Casts For The River Angler
Chapter 7
"Mending" The Line
Chapter 8
Controlling Line Slack
Chapter 9
Approaching The Water
Chapter 10
Basic River Fly Fishing Tactics
Chapter 11a
The Swing
Chapter 11b
Stripping The Fly
Chapter 11c
Dry Fly
Chapter 11d
Nymph And Indicator
Chapter 12
Setting The Hook
Chapter 13
Releasing A Fish