New To Fly: Episode 3
Essential Knots
Far Bank Fly Fishing School


E3: Essential Knots

This episode dives into the most common, easy-to-tie knots that all fly anglers need to know. The video covers the arbor knot, which attaches backing to the reel, the double surgeon loop knot and loop-to-loop for attaching a fly line to both the backing and the leader, as well as the triple surgeon knot for tying tippet on to a leader and the improved clinch knot for attaching a fly to the end of the line.

Episode 3 Chapters

Chapter 1
Attaching Backing To The Reel
Chapter 2
Attaching Backing to Fly Line
Chapter 3
Attaching Leader to Fly Line
Chapter 4
Attaching Leader To Tippet
Chapter 5
Tying On A Fly
Chapter 6
Clinch Knot For Everything