New to Fly: Episode 4
Making The First Cast
Far Bank Fly Fishing School


E4: Making The First Cast

This episode dives into the main cast, the "Overhead Cast," that all aspiring fly anglers need to know. You will learn the Pick-Up and Lay Down, False Casting, and Shooting Line to enable you to hit the water with confidence. In addition, we cover how a fly cast works so you can recognize common mistakes and correct them. With exceptional footage of casting in Far Bank's revolutionary "Loop Lab", and clear, concise instructions from one of the leading fly instructors in the world, this episode is the perfect place to learn how to cast a fly rod.

Episode 4 Chapters

Chapter 1
Safety Considerations
Chapter 2
Casting A Fly Rod vs Spinning Rod
Chapter 3
Grip And Stance
Chapter 4
Safety Tip
Chapter 5
What Is A Casting Stroke?
Chapter 6
Casting Loops
Chapter 7
Casting Timing
Chapter 8
The Overhead Cast Step 1
Chapter 9
The Overhead Cast Step 2
Chapter 10
The Overhead Cast Step 3
Chapter 11
The Overhead Cast Step 4
Chapter 12
The Overhead Cast Step 5
Chapter 13
Casting Indoors