Intermediate: Episode 7
How To Fish A Dry Fly
Far Bank Fly Fishing School


E7: How To Fish
A Dry Fly

In this episode we talk about what a dry fly is, look at when and why you would fish a dry fly, discuss the particular gear a dry fly angler needs, look at some great dry fly rigs, offer some great tips to make you a better dry fly angler, discuss the best way to observe the water to choose your target, look at fishing the dry fly upstream and downstream, and finish with a few last pointers and reminders of how to be a successful dry fly angler.

Far Bank Fly Fishing School

Chapter 1
What Is A Dry Fly
Chapter 2
When To Fish A Dry Fly
Chapter 3
What Gear Do You Need
Chapter 4
Great Dry Fly Rigs
Chapter 5
Tips To Make You A Better Dry Fly Angler
Chapter 6
Observations For A Dry Fly Angler
Chapter 7
Upstream Dry Fly
Chapter 8
Downstream Dry Fly
Chapter 9
Last Pointers For The Dry Fly Angler