Intermediate: Episode 9
How To Fish Nymphs
Far Bank Fly Fishing School


E9: How To Fish Nymphs

In this episode we talk about what a nymph is, look at when and why you would fish a nymph, discuss the right equipment you will need for nymphing, look at some great nymph rigs, discuss how to read the water and determine exactly where best to fish your nymph in a river, and look at the most effective nymphing techniques you can learn. In addition, we take a quick look at some of the gear and skills needed to become a proficient Euro Nymph angler.

Far Bank Fly Fishing School

Chapter 1
What Is A Nymph
Chapter 2
When To Fish A Nymph
Chapter 3
What Gear Do You Need
Chapter 4
Great Nymph Rigs
Chapter 5
Where To Fish A Nymph
Chapter 6
Fishing A Nymph Upstream
Chapter 7
Fishing A Nymph Downstream
Chapter 8
Euro Nymphing