The TRACE is Redington’s next generation of fly rod family designed specifically for the trout angler. The TRACE’s refined medium-fast action combined with single-foot snake guides to increase both rod tracking and line sensitivity, allowing the angler to deliver the fly with pinpoint accuracy. The classic aesthetic of the Matte Mahogany blank finished with a dark wood reel seat gives the TRACE a timeless appearance, but don’t let the looks fool you… the TRACE will deliver your dry fly, nymph, or streamer in any condition.


Fine-tuned, medium-fast action blank designed specifically for trout fishing

Single-foot snake guides for decreased weight, improved rod tracking, and increased line sensitivity

Classic Half-Wells Cork Handle

Epoxy-coated section tips to prevent sticking

Includes durable Cordura rod tube with built-in rod dividers

Matte Mahagony blank finish paired with a dark wood reel seat for a timeless trout rod cosmetic

Lifetime warranty

TRACE 490-4 - All Models

ModelLine SizeLengthHandlePiecesSKU
TRACE 276-42WT7'6"Standard Handle45-5030T-276-4
TRACE 376-43WT7'6"Standard Handle45-5030T-376-4
TRACE 386-43WT8'6"Standard Handle45-5030T-386-4
TRACE 486-44WT8'6"Standard Handle45-5030T-486-4
TRACE 490-44WT9'0"Standard Handle45-5030T-490-4
TRACE 586-45WT8'6"Standard Handle45-5030T-586-4
TRACE 590-45WT9'0"Standard Handle45-5030T-590-4
TRACE 690-46WT9'0"Standard Handle45-5030T-690-4