Equipped with a high-performance blank (Graphite IIIe), the FOUNDATION has a fast action providing excellent casting power and effortless control. It’s the very foundation of what defines a Sage rod – Performance - taking your game to another level. Whether you are a guide on the Madison or exploring your backyard waters, the FOUNDATION series delivers the signature Sage feel. For over 35 years we’ve built performance rods one at a time on Bainbridge Island, WA. The same 27 sets of skilled hands that craft all Sage rods construct the FOUNDATION.

FOUNDATION OUTFIT 490-4 - All Models

ModelLine SizeRod LengthHandleColorPiecesPhysical WeightIncluded ReelReel ColorReel SizeLeader SizeSKU
FOUNDATION OUTFIT 490-44WT9'0"Standard HandleStealth Black42 7/8ozSPECTRUM C 3/4Black/Grey3/49' 4x2035K-490-4NR
FOUNDATION OUTFIT 590-45WT9'0"Standard HandleStealth Black43 1/16ozSPECTRUM C 5/6Black/Grey5/69' 4x2035K-590-4NR
FOUNDATION OUTFIT 690-46WT9'0"Standard HandleStealth Black43 1/4ozSPECTRUM C 5/6Black/Grey5/69' 4x2035K-690-4NR
FOUNDATION OUTFIT 790-47WT9'0"Fighting Butt HandleStealth Black43 11/16ozSPECTRUM C 7/8Black/Grey7/89' 2x2035K-790-4NR
FOUNDATION OUTFIT 890-48WT9'0"Fighting Butt HandleStealth Black43 13/16ozSPECTRUM C 7/8Black/Grey7/89' 2x2035K-890-4NR