The most demanding conditions require a different kind of tool. Strong head wind? Fish at distance? Bulky rigs? Heavy sink-tips? The IGNITER is tuned to handle the most technical of conditions. Not a rod for the everyday angler, the IGNITER is equipped with a high line speed taper to carry large amounts of line at distance with wind cutting performance. Perfect for streamer fishing with heavy sink tips or covering big water when conditions turn south. If you bring the will, the IGNITER will supply the way.

IGNITER 790-4 - All Models

ModelLine SizeRod LengthHandleColorPiecesPhysical WeightSKU
IGNITER 490-44WT9'0"Standard HandleChipotle42 13/16oz2038-490-4
IGNITER 590-45WT9'0"Standard HandleChipotle42 15/16oz2038-590-4
IGNITER 690-46WT9'0"Standard HandleChipotle43oz2038-690-4
IGNITER 691-46WT9'0"Fighting Butt HandleChipotle43 1/8oz2038-691-4
IGNITER 697-46WT9'6"Fighting Butt HandleChipotle43 3/16oz2038-697-4
IGNITER 7100-47WT10'0"Fighting Butt HandleChipotle43 15/16oz2038-7100-4
IGNITER 790-47WT9'0"Fighting Butt HandleChipotle43 7/16oz2038-790-4
IGNITER 890-48WT9'0"Fighting Butt HandleChipotle43 13/16oz2038-890-4
IGNITER 990-49WT9'0"Fighting Butt HandleChipotle44oz2038-990-4
IGNITER 1090-410WT9'0"Fighting Butt HandleChipotle44 1/8oz2038-1090-4




KonneticHD Technology

Chipotle blank color

Cayenne primary thread wraps with Gunmetal trim wraps

Fuji ceramic stripper guides; Hard chromed snake guides and tip-top

Gunmetal anodized aluminum up-locking reel seat

Integrated hidden hook keeper in reel seat

Laser etched line weight on slide band

Flor grade full-wells cork handle with EVA fighting butt

Black rod bag with Titanium logo and Chipotle model tag

Black powder coated aluminum rod tube with Sage Medallion