Multi-purpose reels built to cover the entire range of fly fishing applications from Brook trout to Tarpon. Every reel utilizes Sage’s exclusive SCS Drag package tuned per size to match fishing application. One revolution drag knob featured throughout the series allows for ease of adjustment and reliable, consistent, repeatable drag pressure. Just select desired weight and feature set for your application. The SPECTRUM LT reel offering brings a sophisticated, high-performance drag system to an ultra light rigid frame. The One Revolution Drag Knob offers quick and precise drag settings and provides the kind of power and smoothness you’d expect from a large traditional drag system, only without the bulk or weight. Available in a range of sizes from 3/4 to 9/10, there's sure to be a perfect size for any application where strong lightweight features are desired.

SPECTRUM LT 7/8 - All Models

SPECTRUM LT 3/4 REELStealth3 1/4in3 7/8ozWF4 + 100yds/20lb1 1/4in3/4322-4200R3402
SPECTRUM LT 3/4 REELBlack Spruce Edition3 1/4in3 7/8ozWF4 + 100yds/20lb1 1/4in3/4322-4200R3404
SPECTRUM LT 3/4 REELSilver Pine Edition3 1/4in3 7/8ozWF4 + 100yds/20lb1 1/4in3/4322-4200R3407
SPECTRUM LT 3/4 REELMorel3 1/4in3 7/8ozWF4 + 100yds/20lb1 1/4in3/4322-4200R3408
SPECTRUM LT 4/5 REELStealth3 1/2in4ozWF5 + 100yds/20lb1 1/4in4/5322-4200R4502
SPECTRUM LT 4/5 REELBlack Spruce Edition3 1/2in4ozWF5 + 100yds/20lb1 1/4in4/5322-4200R4504
SPECTRUM LT 4/5 REELSilver Pine Edition3 1/2in4ozWF5 + 100yds/20lb1 1/4in4/5322-4200R4507
SPECTRUM LT 4/5 REELMorel3 1/2in4ozWF5 + 100yds/20lb1 1/4in4/5322-4200R4508
SPECTRUM LT 5/6 REELStealth3 5/8in4 1/4ozWF6 + 100yds/20lb1 5/16in5/6322-4200R5602
SPECTRUM LT 5/6 REELBlack Spruce Edition3 5/8in4 1/4ozWF6 + 100yds/20lb1 5/16in5/6322-4200R5604
SPECTRUM LT 5/6 REELSilver Pine Edition3 5/8in4 1/4ozWF6 + 100yds/20lb1 5/16in5/6322-4200R5607
SPECTRUM LT 5/6 REELMorel3 5/8in4 1/4ozWF6 + 100yds/20lb1 5/16in5/6322-4200R5608
SPECTRUM LT 7/8 REELStealth4in6ozWF8 + 200yds/20lb1 3/8in7/8322-4200R7802
SPECTRUM LT 7/8 REELBlack Spruce Edition4in6ozWF8 + 200yds/20lb1 3/8in7/8322-4200R7804
SPECTRUM LT 7/8 REELSilver Pine Edition4in6ozWF8 + 200yds/20lb1 3/8in7/8322-4200R7807
SPECTRUM LT 7/8 REELMorel4in6ozWF8 + 200yds/20lb1 3/8in7/8322-4200R7808
SPECTRUM LT 9/10 REELStealth4 3/8in7 1/8ozWF10 + 200yds/30lb1 1/2in9/10322-4200R91002
SPECTRUM LT 9/10 REELBlack Spruce Edition4 3/8in7 1/8ozWF10 + 200yds/30lb1 1/2in9/10322-4200R91004
SPECTRUM LT 9/10 REELSilver Pine Edition4 3/8in7 1/8ozWF10 + 200yds/30lb1 1/2in9/10322-4200R91007
SPECTRUM LT 9/10 REELMorel4 3/8in7 1/8ozWF10 + 200yds/30lb1 1/2in9/10322-4200R91008



SCS Drag

One Revolution Drag Knob with 20 numbers and 40 detented settings

Large arbor for fast line pick-up

Concave, ported arbor for greater strength and capacity

Fully machined 6061-T6 aerospace grade aluminum

Cold forged and tempered for superior strength and rigidity

Hard anodized for surface protection and corrosion resistance

Ergonomic handle

Easy conversion from left- to right-hand retrieve

Neoprene and embroidered ballistic nylon reel case

Colors: Stealth, Silver, "X" Black Spruce, Ember, Teal, Lime