Classic aesthetics with modern performance. Drawing inspiration from the historic Sage 500 series reels, the Modern Classics collection introduces reels designed for the angler longing for a nod to the past. A romantic appeal to designs and colors that reflect a classic feel of old yet packed with performance features that will assure you’ll never lose that fish of a lifetime. While honoring our heritage with a full-frame design, narrow profile, and classic styling, the backbone of the TROUT reel is our proven One Revolution, Sealed Carbon System (SCS) drag. The heart of the series is the 4/5/6 which will balance perfectly with the majority of all-around trout rods. The 2/3/4 is ideal for small trout rods and the larger 6/7/8 is a great option for bigger trout setups or light salmon/steelhead duty. Classic – now with smoother, more consistent, and reliable performance.

TROUT 4/5/6 - All Models

TROUT 2/3/4 REELBronze3 3/16in4 3/4ozWF4 + 100yds/20lb1 1/4in2/3/432-7300R23401
TROUT 2/3/4 REELStealth/Silver3 3/16in4 3/4ozWF4 + 100yds/20lb1 1/4in2/3/432-7300R23402
TROUT 4/5/6 REELBronze3 1/2in5 3/8ozWF6 + 100yds/20lb1 1/4in4/5/632-7300R45601
TROUT 4/5/6 REELStealth/Silver3 1/2in5 3/8ozWF6 + 100yds/20lb1 1/4in4/5/632-7300R45602
TROUT 6/7/8 REELBronze3 13/16in7 1/8ozWF8 + 150yds/20lb1 3/8in6/7/832-7300R67801
TROUT 6/7/8 REELStealth/Silver3 13/16in7 1/8ozWF8 + 150yds/20lb1 3/8in6/7/832-7300R67802



SCS Drag

Machined and anodized aluminum One Revolution Drag Knob with 20 numbers and 40 detented settings

Large arbor for fast line pick-up

Concave, ported arbor for greater strength and capacity

Machined aluminum full frame construction

Minimal porting for classic look and heavier balance

Machined and anodized aluminum hub and ergonomic handle

Easy conversion from left- to right-hand retrieve

Neoprene and embroidered ballistic nylon reel case

Colors: Bronze, Stealth/Silver