Happy New Year from Fly Water Travel

Ken Morrish December 27, 2023

With the holiday season upon us, we wanted to thank you for your continued friendship and support.

The fact that we get to work with such an interesting, accomplished, and passionate group of traveling anglers is not lost on us. While our travels and catches are a welcome by-product of our profession, our relationships with folks like you bring true meaning and enrichment to our work. Thank you all so much for making this possible.
2023 was a refreshing and dynamic year for Fly Water Travel. For us, it was the first genuinely post-pandemic year. What that meant for our team was an unprecedented amount of travel, expanding offerings, familiarizing new staff members with territories, and reconnecting with lodge owners and outfitters worldwide. The following are some of the highlights of what our Destination Managers saw in 2023.

Ken Morrish: Director of Travel Sales
In January, Ken began his travels with a significant and spectacular trip to Argentina. He began with a great scouting mission to Bella Sophia. Then he met up with a hosted group of dedicated Spey anglers for a full week at Las Buitreras on Argentina's Rio Gallegos. After that, he made a quick stop at Rio Pelke, and then on to Glacier King. Two months later he returned to Argentina again with a private group to the incomparable Jurassic Lake. He was once again amazed by the massive fish and all the improvements that had been made since he did the first scouting mission there for Fly Water in 2009 when it was tent camp! His next big trip was a semi-successful scouting trip to the Ungava Bay region of northernmost Quebec where he fished for sea-run Arctic char, saw polar bears and beat up brookies on mice. His last big trip of the year was leading a hosted group to Tsimane's Heli Fishing program. Ken described that experience as one of the top five angling adventures in his career. 

Landon Mace: Mexico, Colombia, Brazil Destination Manager
Landon first headed to Colombia in February to visit Akuani River Lodge to target peacock bass and payara on the same trip. He then hopped on a plane with fellow Destination Manager Anil Srivastava, to be some of the first anglers to visit Christmas Island since it shut down in March of 2020. In July, he headed to Mexico’s Chetumal Bay and set up a new relationship with The Xflats. After that, he proceeded up to Ascension Bay to revisit Grand Slam LodgeAscension Bay Lodge, and Pesca Maya Lodge. Ascension Bay Lodge is a new addition to Fly Water’s offerings, and he enjoyed seeing Pesca Maya’s new location at the Casa Celeste.
In September, Landon traveled to Brazil, combining Kendjam and Xingu Lodges. Both were great, and he especially loved the richness of the Kendjam experience. In December, he returned to Brazil to visit a new tarpon operation targeting tarpon with Silver King Brazil. He and a film crew captured a fun week there that will be featured at the upcoming nationwide Fly Fishing Film Tours (F3T).

Dylan Rose: Bahamas, Belize, Africa Destination Manager
In May, our longtime saltwater specialist, Dylan, made a return tour of the Bahamas. His first stop was visiting the newly rebuilt Abaco Lodge, which was previously leveled by Hurricane Dorian. Then he returned to Andros South, one of our longtime partners and saltwater favorites. His next stop was setting up Caerula Mar, a great luxury vacation resort with fine fishing on Andros. His last stop was on Abaco, where he visited the storied and elegant Delphi Club. In November, he took a deep dive into the redfish world, first with a visit to open up Bay Flats Lodge in Texas, which will be a great easy to easy-to-reach staple moving forward, and next to Eleven Experience's elegant Louisiana Outpost Mothership, where his group had tremendous fishing.

Jake Crawford: Patagonia Destination Manager
Jake began his travels in southern Chile with a multi-sport adventure with his wife in the Puerto Natales area, where they hiked and toured the iconic Torres del Paine mountain range and fished spring creeks for resident trout with Grey Fox Outdoors out of Remota Lodge. From there, he crossed the Strait of Magellan to visit Magallanes Fly Fishing Lodge and fished for resident trout in the vast Chilean-side of Tierra del Fuego. Next, he was on to the Rio Grande at Despedida Lodge, and continued south to fish for sea-run brown trout on the intimate and scenic Irigoyen River with World’s End Lodge. In March, Jake went to northern Patagonia in Argentina to experience heli-fishing at Chochoy Mallin and wade the scenic spring creeks at Casa de Campo near the town of Alumine. From there, he joined Fly Water's Anil Srivastava for a combo trip targeting golden dorado at Jetu’u Lodge in the middle Parana River and Isoro Wetlands and Itati Lodge in the upper Parana River. In August, he went to northern Labrador, Canada to fish dry flies for Atlantic Salmon at Flower River Lodge. To cap off the year, in December he visited some new programs in central Patagonia, met with Tres Amigos Outfitters at their new king program, Guanacos (soon to be announced), and visited the new lodge at Estancia Rio Pelke
Brian Gies: Director of Operations
Brian began his travel season in January with a hosted adventure to Gassa Camp in Cameroon, Africa. Their goal was to tangle with a few Nile perch, one of the world's largest and most elusive freshwater fish, and in the dark of the night with they did exactly that! In August, he returned for his third hosted trip to Providence in the Seychelles. This is just one of those places he and other discerning saltwater anglers cannot get enough of!

Max Salzburg: New Zealand, Europe, and Western Trout Destination Manager
In April, Max began his travels with a broad tour of both the North and South Islands of New Zealand. Up north, he visited Poronui, and Tongariro, before heading south to see Cedar Lodge and Owen River Lodge. In addition, he visited and fished with some of our longtime partners and elite independent guides, including Dean Bell, Daryl Paskell, and Kevin Payne. In June, Max went back on the road to visit with our longtime partner, Stewart Collingswood, whose Hidden Gems of Scottland custom tours have been a huge hit with our guests. From there, he continued to Iceland to visit our two favorite Atlantic salmon venues, the East Ranga and the Nordura. He finished up his year with an October tour of Alberta and Montana, visiting Eastslope AdventuresMissouri CliffsMadison Double RHealing Waters LodgeRuby Springs Lodge, and Sage Lodge

David Kalinowski: Alaska and the Northeast Destination Manager
David, our longtime Alaska manager, began expanding into the Atlantic salmon scene in the Northeast. This season he visited Country Haven Lodge on the Miramichi and then continued on to see all three of the operations managed by Camp Bonaventure. If you are interested in exploring these systems and others in the region, be sure to touch base with him!

Anil Srivastava: Christmas Island, Bolivia, and Argentine Dorado Destination Manager
In mid-March, Anil headed down to Argentina and Uruguay to visit some of our existing Dorado partners at Urban Dorado Anglers and check out some new operations. There he met our Patagonia Destination Manager, Jake Crawford, and they continued the dorado journey further up the Parana River to visit Jetu and Itati lodges. In May, Anil joined fellow Jungle/Saltwater teammate Landon Mace on the first flight back to Christmas Island in over three years, and both were instantly reminded why Christmas Island remains our most popular flats fishing destination. In late September, Anil headed back to South America to experience the Tsimane Heli- Program. The fishing was excellent, but the incredible wilderness and wildlife stole the show from his perspective. To finish the year, Anil traveled to French Polynesia to see Anaa Atoll. It is a seldom-visited atoll in the Tuamotu Archipelago that we will have online shortly. It is a pristine and challenging fishery with big bonefish, no people, and stunning scenery. 
Happy New Year from all of us here and know that we look forward to connecting with all of you in 2024!