There are moments on the water that stay with us, that define our experience not only as anglers, but as friends and partners, as mothers and fathers, as teachers and students, greenhorn and old hand alike. More often than not, they are the moments when we didn’t overthink it, when we left our expectations at the trailhead or the boat ramp and had no idea what we were getting ourselves into—but we got into it anyway. Some might call it madness—how else to explain laughing and whooping and hopping from foot to foot just as easily at the sight of a bluegill as at a billfish. Others call it fly fishing, and they’re not wrong. But it’s more than that. Call it what you will. At the end of the day, it’s about not being afraid to let it fly.


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It's the days when you can’t buy a fish and the ones when it’s so easy it feels like cheating—and the fact that you’ll take either one. It’s leaky waders and busted boot laces and a newfound appreciation for the miracle of duct tape. It's the time you threw a permit crab at a pair of small bones—simply out of impatience. It’s that overnight backpack through the North Cascades because when you have one day off, you take advantage of it; an impromptu midnight salsa lesson on a creaky dock in Belize; fishing for Appalachian brookies with your seven weight instead of your three, because you somehow managed to grab the wrong rod on the way out the door.

It’s a streamside bottle and naptime for your new fishing partner, because you have to start ’em young. It’s hiking five miles to catch high-country gems that are measured in colors, not inches. It’s tarpon beneath the bridge and bass beneath the dock and that one, maddening brown beneath a blanket of hexes—well after happy hour—because tarpon and bass and browns keep their own schedules. It’s high flows, forgotten reels, flat tires, bad directions, the “W,” too many people, too few people, hatches that don’t materialize, ice that doesn’t melt, fingers that don’t warm, boats with one oar, motors with no gas, coolers with no beverages—and getting on the water regardless.

It’s standing on the deck of a boat for eight hours and calling it a good day if you see a fish, a great day if you get to make a cast, and having no words for it if the fish actually eats. It’s about being more yourself than at any other time. Flying your freak flag. Casting like nobody’s watching. Fishing because you can honestly say there is nothing in the world you would rather be doing.



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